Dental Decoding

Dental Decoding,

A graduate of the Strasbourg Faculty of Surgical Dentistry, Christian Beyer has been researching dental decoding for more than 20 years. He has more than ten years of specifically focused practical experience. He has written several books and participates in conferences and seminars all over the world.

Dental decoding – Meaning of every tooth

Dental decoding is the process of interpreting the data carried by the teeth.

This data reveals the stresses, worries, and numerous distortions that a person with dental or oral pathology is going through.

Electrical impulses produced in the brain and sent to all parts, muscles, and organs of the body through millions of neurons and nerves are what allow the human nervous system to function.

Teeth are electrical conductors

The outer layer of the tooth and even the bone that supports it can be affected by any imbalance or electrical interference in the transmission of neural impulses.

These indicated imbalances or electrical interferences can be provoked by the discords and worries that we encounter daily.

If we are worried about something and cannot find a good solution, this will have repercussions on our neurological system and will change the rhythm or intensity of the electrical impulses in our neurons.

Lines of electrical impulses run through each region of the mouth, passing through the precise location of each tooth. Each month or line corresponds to a size, an emotion, or a certain type of thought:

Different situations or types of connections we encounter every day. The tooth enamel will remain healthy if we go through these circumstances without experiencing any unpleasant emotions.

The tooth enamel in that location will stop growing if there are events that are causing a lot of stress because they will cause a change of electrical polarity in that area.

A cavity will develop when the enamel begins to deteriorate. It is usual to go to the dentist to have the decay repaired, but if the problem persists, the enamel will continue to deteriorate and may eventually cause the tooth to fall out.

What Causes the Body to Reject Dental Treatment

The following information is crucial to understanding why the body frequently rejects dental treatment. It is important to realize that the dental professional’s repair may be affected if the problem or conflict that caused the change in electrical polarity persists.

As a result, it is important to perform a physical repair of the dental component and at the same time become aware of the emotional triggers behind the oral dysfunction.

If the underlying emotional cause is addressed, it will affect the stability and durability of the dental restoration or, in the case of oral disease, the healing, and recovery process.

Any notion that some teeth are affected by sugar or other food products loses its relevance when one considers that all teeth come into contact with the same things when eating.

Is it typical for a cavity to impact an upper tooth, but not a lower tooth? It makes more sense for sugars to accumulate in the lower teeth. Why does a cavity only affect one tooth and not the one next to it or very close to it?

Electrical charges and nervous system harmony

Well, it has to do with the electrical charges and the balance of the nervous system.

If we have a major conflict or concern, it will undoubtedly disrupt the flow of neural electrical impulses, and this change in flow will alter the magnetic field necessary for proper growth and regeneration of dentin and other materials necessary to maintain healthy teeth.

This is true for all forms of oral disease and caries. Each disorder is related to a particular conflict or concern.

There are more than 200 caries

Over 200 different pathologies are based on the dental component and the region of the tooth where it is located.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a solid diagnosis from a qualified dentist. From the diagnosis, we will be able to identify and address the root cause of the pathology, neutralizing it.

Although this emotional therapy should be done with any pathology, dental or otherwise, it is essential for patients whose teeth are falling out as a result of bone loss. This degenerative process can be slowed down through emotional work.

All the programs of our struggles, as well as those of our ancestors, are etched into our teeth. Numerous dentists and experts in Bioneuroemotion continue to use its principles today.

Teeth are crystals

They function with electricity, just like the rest of the body. The teeth are connected to the rest of the body by this electricity.

The 12 acupuncture energy meridians flow between the teeth and through the cheeks. It has even been claimed that the teeth were the original acupuncture needles. And each tooth communicates with our energy system by sending and receiving data.

Have you ever seen a movie about slaves? If so, describe what they were looking for when they bought them. Teeth, indeed. They needed to be treated well because that indicated that the slave was in excellent health.

Meaning of each tooth

Dental Decoding,

  • If the numbers 11 and 21 are not together, it indicates that in our family tree there was a father and a mother who were not together. Because that person has the knowledge, either he has experienced the same struggle himself or his parents have experienced it.
  • There was a father and a mother who did not look at each other if one is straight and the other is crooked.
  • A mother who was above the father on the 21st is ahead of the 11th.

The clan and the father figure are represented in the first quadrant

11- The role of the father.
12- The relationship with the father. How I see the relationship with my father.
13- Represents the laws and regulations. Ability to obey.
14- The memory of a child who lost his father. The loss of paternal affection.
15- Memory of betrayal. Someone who has been or was betrayed. Despair.
16- Our hopes and aspirations. My father, my clan, does not care for me.
17- Being expelled from the clan. Exile is remembered if the roots are melted.
18- To achieve the purpose of your life. Obey the superior.

The family and the mother appear in the second quadrant

21 – A mother. The mother’s function.
22- The mother and I and our bond.
23- Represents morality, good and evil. Customs and traditions. To be able to submit.
24- The lack, emptiness, and separation of family conflicts. Maternal love.
25- Remembrance of deceit and rejection. Injustice.
26- Must possess a sense of balance. Reflects on what I want to be.
27- To be a member of the family. A family covenant. Tradition.
28- Reminders of sin and church rules. Morally unacceptable relationships. Acceptance.

The home is represented by the third quadrant

31- The mother’s behavior.
32- The mother’s defense.
33- Memories of servitude and slavery.
34- Memory of loss. The lover’s devotion.
35- Memory of rejection.
36- Names, surnames, and nicknames. The memory of an abandoned child. Extirpation of the uterus. A house.
37- Rejection and deservedness. I am not valuable. The memory of drowning.
38- Memories of regret and forgiveness.

Work is represented by the fourth quadrant

41- Male aggression. Violence in memory.
42- Defense of the father.
43- Memories of a fall when not erect (real or symbolic). To acquire again a property.
44- Death of siblings.
45- Memory related to frustration. To get angry after having been irritated.
46- Wanting. Conflict over male potency Shameful memories. My father never believes what I do.
47- Memories of exile and not being able to return home. Not being flawless. Suffering to win. Leading the pack and excelling. Goal achieved.
48- Conflicts with sexuality and modesty. Secrets (in most situations, sexual) (in most cases, sexual).

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