Biodescodification Conjunctivitis

Biodescodification Conjunctivitis,

Do you suffer from conjunctivitis, red eyes, constant tearing, sensitivity to light or blurred vision? Classical medicine may focus on treating the physical cause of conjunctivitis, but Biological Decoding or Biodecoding looks for the underlying emotional root of the problem.

Conjunctivitis according to Biodescodification – Emotional Conflicts

Discover how our emotions affect our eye health and how lack of love and refusal to see reality can seriously affect eye health. Conjunctivitis can reveal different emotional conflicts and each eye can reflect a different conflict.

Eye health can be an important sign that you should take a deeper look at your attitude and emotions towards what you see in our life.


The conjunctiva becomes irritated and causes the blood vessels to dilate, creating the striking appearance of “red eyes”. Other common symptoms of conjunctivitis include itching, tearing and the feeling of having sand in your eyes.

What unresolved emotional conflict is fueling this symptom in your life? Discovering it could be the key to your recovery.

What do your eyes say about your emotional health? Discover how our emotions affect our eye health.

The health of your eyes and eye region can be a reflection of your attitude and perception toward what you see, or what you wish you could see but cannot.

When what you observe provokes fear, disgust or dread, your body reacts through your eyes, manifesting pain and irritation. The eyes represent our ability to clearly discern aspects of our life, whether past, present or future.

If something causes you frustration, anger or there is something you would rather avoid your eyes may become sick and irritated as a way of alerting you to the problem you are facing.

How lack of love and refusal to see reality can seriously affect eye health.

When eye irritation reaches higher levels, as in the case of keratitis, it can indicate extreme anger and barely contained aggression towards a particularly unpleasant person or situation.

Lack of love and affection is a constant in the appearance of eye problems, as it indicates our refusal or inability to look at others or face life situations with love.

That which you refuse to see or dislike may be in yourself or your environment. The simple idea of not being able to change what you dislike activates a biological protection program that hinders your vision in various ways.

This program is biological and unconscious, a way of protecting yourself from that which causes you fear, pain, panic, shame or irritation. It is a refusal to see things as they are and as they present themselves to you.

Biological decoding of conjunctivitis: how emotional conflicts affect our eye health.

Conjunctivitis can reveal different emotional conflicts such as the feeling of separation or the absence of a person you love pain and insecurity.

This eye problem is associated with anger and frustration due to situations that affect you and generate rage and impotence. In these cases, you do not resign yourself and do not accept the situation.

What does conjunctivitis reveal about our emotions? Discover the meaning behind each eye’s condition

Did you know that your eyes can communicate much more than you imagine? If only one of your eyes is affected by a condition like conjunctivitis as the left eye reflects how you see yourself.

On the other hand, if it is the right eye that is affected, it is likely that the conflict stems from something you see in your environment that is causing you irritation and frustration. In both cases, it is essential to pay attention to your emotions and feelings behind this eye condition.

How emotional conflicts are reflected in the eyelids: discover the relationship between conjunctivitis and your personal identity.

The eyelids, always affected when conjunctivitis appears, reveal unconscious conflicts related to our own identity and a sense of aggression towards what is happening around us.

This usually happens in people who are highly influenced by others or what they see, unable to “close their eyes” or disconnect from what they are seeing or what others show them. Eyelid conditions can also indicate conflicts of anger and frustration with those closest to us.

If you suffer from any form of conjunctivitis it is important to take a close look at your environment and the people in your life to identify the conflicts and setbacks that affect you.

You should ask yourself what you would like to see and do not see, what you dislike about what you see, who you would like to see and do not see, what aspects of your self-image bother you and what causes you irritation in the people close to you. Understanding these factors is key to overcoming conjunctivitis and regaining clear, healthy vision.

What feeds your conjunctivitis? Find out how to get rid of this condition for good.

Try to discover what is feeding your conjunctivitis and free yourself from this condition for good. It is crucial that you become aware of the situations and aspects that are affecting your visual health.

By becoming aware of the conflict that is hidden behind the disease, you will be able to look at the same situations with a new perspective, allowing you to understand and act with greater clarity.

Identify the changes you need to make in your life or relationships they will help you deactivate the emotional conflict and finally free yourself from conjunctivitis once and for all.

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