Ectopic Pregnancy Biodescodification

Ectopic Pregnancy Biodescodification,

Ectopic pregnancy can be a dangerous medical condition. However it is also an opportunity to examine your emotions and heal inner conflicts. Discover how your conscious and unconscious desires may be affecting your physical health and how you can make conscious decisions to avoid complications.

When desire and fear confront each other: Ectopic Pregnancy According to Biodescoding

Ectopic Pregnancy is a medical condition that occurs when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus usually in the fallopian tubes.

Even though its main cause is an anomaly in the development of the embryo, Biodescodification suggests that behind this condition there can be a series of unresolved emotional conflicts.

According to Biodescodification, the related conflict is the desired and at the same time unwanted pregnancy, emotions such as fear of motherhood, sensation of not being ready to be a mother, fear of losing freedom, among others.

Ectopic Pregnancy can be the result of indecision, both on the part of the soul of the future baby and the future mother. This uncertainty is mutual but on many occasions, the mother feels guilty for resorting to a means that can lead to serious complications. All this happens unconsciously.

This belongs to the First Embryonic Stage known as the Survival Stage. When fertilization occurs outside the uterus it can be dangerous for the mother and may require medical intervention.

In these cases, the fertilized egg stops in the tube due to a conflict between conscious and unconscious desire.

Ectopic pregnancy from the perspective of biodescodification: Understanding the Emotions Behind the Illness

On the one hand there is a conscious desire to have a child; on the other hand there is an unconscious denial. This internal conflict can manifest as an unwanted pregnancy or complications in the pregnancy process.

This type of pregnancy can occur when a woman decides to have a child to please another person or to feel loved even if the pregnancy is temporarily off limits.

Behind this decision are unresolved emotional conflicts such as a need for approval or a fear of loneliness.

Sometimes the idea of having a child can be overwhelming. It is important to recognize that you have the right to set boundaries and fears. If you feel that you are not ready to take this step at this time you can talk to the soul of the baby and express your feelings.

Remember that this is your body and your life and you have the right to make the decision that you feel is right for you.

Ectopic Pregnancy: Beyond the Physical, the Influence of Emotions

The implications of an unwanted pregnancy for the physical and emotional health of the mother are serious. Listening to your body and your emotions is important to making informed decisions and avoiding internal conflict.

If you choose to have a child sometime there will always be time to do so in the future.

The biodescodification does not seek to replace conventional medical treatment but to supplement it. Understanding emotions and internal conflicts can be a useful tool to help treat both the physical symptoms, and the emotional causes of the disease. Biodescodification can therefore be an alternative to consider for those who wish to approach EUP from an integral perspective.