Muscular Dystrophy Biodescodification

Muscular Dystrophy Biodescodification,

Muscle weakness and sometimes rapid degeneration are symptoms of the disease known as muscular dystrophy. It is a struggle between helplessness and helplessness. The inability to develop or advance. The cause: not worth expanding, probably.

Muscular Dystrophy according to Biodescodification — Emotional Conflicts

  • New mental model: I overcome the limitations of my parents. I have the freedom to be my best self.

A common type of negative attitude

I have resisted change and I have shunned new situations.

Type of positive attitude to adopt

Life brings change and new lessons; I learn them with skill and walk, with confidence. I have self-confidence and determination.

Physical blockage of muscular dystrophy

Nutrition problem of an organ or anatomical region, whose modifications usually result in atrophy or hypertrophy.

Emotional block of muscular dystrophy

Because this disease causes a loss of muscular control, it shows that the sufferer is being completely controlled by his past. He is a person who frequently assumes the role of a victim to get attention and has unconscious self-destructive thoughts.

The person has gone to great lengths to contain and hide this aspect of him/herself. She is easily diminished and strives to feed herself with tender thoughts of self-love. As a result, she becomes increasingly dependent on other people for survival.

Mental block of muscular dystrophy

When you have dystrophy, the message you get is crucial and urgent: it is time to start loving yourself and stop depending on other people to do it for you. Up to this point, you have thought that getting sick or having problems will make you the center of attention.

However, it is not the best solution for you to think that a more important issue will lead to love.

To get more attention, are you willing to pay the price of total dependence on others and the system? It would be smarter for you to recognize all your skills and talents, use them to your advantage and use them to get attention.

This discord is caused by the burning desire to exert total control over people and circumstances.

“I think all is lost before I even try,” the body eventually gives up and self-destructs because it is exhausted by stress. “I think I can’t measure up because I’m not good enough.”

My life is not pretty. I’m not interested in it anymore

I stop trying because I am overcome with the fear of failure in my life. My muscles, which represent action, receive this message and consequently stop working properly and get sick. I let society and other people control me while my fears take over.

More than ever, we need to be aware of our strength, intrinsic values and essence to communicate with our muscles and unconscious more effectively.

You are capable of doing it and you already have!

With information from Monsalud Luque