At the cutting edge of integrative medicine is a fascinating approach known as Biodecoding, a field that maintains that our diseases are not mere aberrations but biological survival programs designed to resolve emotional and psychological conflicts.

Healing through Biodecoding: Understanding the Purpose Behind Disease

The Spanish Biodecoding Association, together with a number of eminent researchers and practitioners such as Anne Schutzenberger, Marc Fréchet, Groddeck, Hamer, Salomon Sellam and Claude Sabbah, has demonstrated that this vision of the disease is not only potentially liberating but can also provide new ways of understanding and addressing human disease.

In biodecoding, the fundamental premise is that everything in nature including our own bodies is encoded.

We live in a universe where information is the dominant currency and our DNA is full of codes that determine our specific characteristics. However, biodecoding advocates believe that there is much more to our bodies than genetic information.

They allude to the existence of a “biological unconscious” a reservoir of information that operates beyond our daily consciousness.

The language of the body: Disease as an emotional message according to Biodecoding

This biological unconscious is activated when we are faced with situations or emotions that we cannot handle. In response to these emotional or biological tensions, our body can trigger a “biological adaptation solution”.

In simple terms, our body expresses conflict through a symptom or illness that reflects unresolved emotional tension.

To illustrate, let’s consider the case of a person who, after an argument with his partner is left without a voice. Biodecoding suggests that this aphonia is not a mere physical symptom but rather a manifestation of the person’s unresolved emotional conflict.

In this context, illness becomes a kind of body language which tells us that there is an internal conflict that needs to be addressed.

Aphonia reveals several key messages.

  • First, it indicates that the discussion has had an emotional impact on the person.
  • Second, it points to the existence of an active conflict, since, according to this approach, as long as there are physical symptoms, there will be an underlying conflict.
  • Finally, it suggests that the biological unconscious is trying to help resolve this conflict silencing the voice to prevent further arguments.

Healing from within: Discover the powerful tool of Biodecoding

Biodecoding seeks to understand and unravel these complex interactions between body and mind. It delves into the very personal and specific reasons behind these symptoms, proposing that making the unconscious aware is key to the healing process.

It is not limited to physical illnesses such as angina, cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, allergies, eczema and cystitis but also encompasses psychological disorders such as depression, phobias and obsessions.

This approach is not only theoretical but also practical, in which the hidden emotion associated with the physical symptom is sought with the aim of “decoding” it.

Biodecoding encourages people to express these repressed emotions which can facilitate healing by transforming and transcending these emotions. Essentially, it encourages everyone to ask themselves the fundamental question:

“What has brought me here?”, underlining the importance of a conscious and reflective approach to our own health.

Revealing the Hidden Purpose of Disease: Biodecoding in Action

An emerging approach in the field of integrative health supports a novel conception of illness according to Biodecoding: far from being an external and static disease, it sees it as a meaningful process a biological response to conflicts that the mind has not been able to resolve.

Under this approach, symptomatology is the starting point.

Biodecoding studies the biological programs that nature has adopted to adapt to the environment and suggests that our bodies act in the same way. A symptom or illness, therefore, is seen as a biological response to an emotional or psychological conflict.

This process is precise and oriented towards a positive purpose: allowing the person to resolve an issue of great personal importance. This point of view highlights the central objectives of Biodecoding.

  • The first is to help patients find the “biological meaning” of their symptoms or diseases. By doing so the patient is expected to understand why their unconscious has activated this “biological solution” through the disease.
  • The second objective is to encourage personal responsibility in the healing process. Rather than seeing the disease as an external entity disconnected from them, patients are encouraged to understand that their illness or symptom contains valuable information from their unconscious. This hidden message is essential to their evolution and personal well-being.
  • Last but not least, Biodecoding aims to discover the hidden unexpressed emotion of “resentment” that underlies the symptom. Once this emotion is conscious and verbalized, the person can begin their healing process since the body no longer needs to express that emotion through physical symptoms.

In essence, Biodecoding proposes a more integrated and holistic view of health which places the power and responsibility of healing in the hands of the individual.

It is a path of self-awareness and transformation, where symptoms and diseases are seen not as enemies but as guides to greater understanding and emotional balance.

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