Christmas Feng-Shui Tips

Christmas Feng-Shui Tips,

Christmas is the ideal time to create harmony in your home. Here are some suggestions for Feng Shui lovers.

The wisdom of feng shui can make Christmas more enjoyable

Extensive cleaning

Feng Shui advises keeping the home free of any elements that do not favor or interfere with the flow of energy. To facilitate the circulation of chi, doors and entrances must be clean and in good condition. Clean your home before decorating it to start the holidays and the new year off right.

Last days of the year

The 30th and 31st are great days to purify and clean. The cleaning of our house can be done in the following way: we should spread sea salt all over our home and leave it there all night so that it absorbs the unfavorable energy of the previous year.

On December 31, we will mop the floor from top to bottom, organize the objects we will take with us in the coming year and get rid of everything useless to us. We will take a self-purification bath, exfoliating the skin with salt and purifying the air with sandalwood incense.

Placement, illumination and decoration of the Christmas tree

Place spheres on the Christmas tree to symbolize fertility and abundance. Together, the spheres represent solidarity and coexistence in family and with the people we love, as well as fraternity and union.

When the lights are not on the tree and you want to attract luck and prosperity to your life, you should place them in the southern part of your house or where the decoration is going to be placed. Light and fire are represented by sunlight. They bring the people in your home success, love and harmony.

According to Feng Shui, the Christmas tree is associated with longevity and good health. To attract prosperity, it is advised to place it in the southeast corner of the house. The element of prosperity, Jupiter, is related to pine wood. Use it in furniture and decoration.

The front door of your home

A home’s front door is the first factor to consider. The door decoration should be both a call to action and a greeting to prosperity. You should use bright decorations such as wreaths, pine trees and lights to attract good energy.

Natural Elements

Feng shui advises using natural symbolism for these dates. For this reason, red (representing fire) and green (representing life) are preferred, along with decorative accents in silver or gold tones (metal), blues (representing water) and browns (representing earth).

Christmas table

Preferably, a round or oval table should be used for dinner, so that the energy flows freely. As the food should harmonize with the surroundings, try to balance sweet and savory flavors.

Holiday Aromatherapy

Fragrances such as sweet tangerine, lemon, cinnamon, or clove can energize your home. Use cypress scents for love. Sandalwood and myrrh are ideal for creating a more spiritual atmosphere in your home.

Christmas candles

Fire is a purifying element for both Christmas and New Year, so candle rituals are advised during all the holidays. The color of the candle will depend on your goals, but white candles are appropriate for all aspirations. In addition, green candles are associated with fertility, blue candles with health and red candles with love.

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