Why fall in love with the person who hurt you

Why fall in love with the person who hurt you, InfoMistico.com

Reasons that explain why, depending on the month of your birth, you end up falling in love with the person who hurts you. Accepting the decisions that the heart makes when it is in love is difficult.

Falling in love with the person who hurts you, according to your birth month

There is a part of you that warns you not to give in because there are loves that can deceive you so well that they end up destroying your soul.

We could avoid falling into the wrong arms if we could see the future. Even if you don’t have a sixth sense, your birth month may reveal more about you than you realize. Why do you always end up falling in love with the one who offends you according to the month of your birth?

Month of January

Your kindness, which makes you believe you can heal the hearts of those who knock on your door, gets into your head and your heart and that’s the problem.

Because you are very impulsive, but also very sympathetic, if their story touches you, you are disappointed and regrettably ignore the warning signs. I appreciate that you don’t give up easily, but you shouldn’t try to save anyone.

Month of February

You and your insane mania of wanting to decorate everything with an element of fantasy.

When you fall in love, your reason is clouded and the person in front of you is decorated and decided by your imagination. You have the power to imagine the ideal relationship in your head, one in which partners can ignore the advice of others and venture into unknown territory.

However, not everyone is prepared to swim against the current.

Month of March

I’m not saying you’re looking for it, but sometimes you can be too naive, even if you know better.

I know there is no malice in your heart. You prefer to put your faith in an immediate result. You are a transparent person, but the other person has filters, so when they reveal their true intentions, it ends up tearing you apart.

Month of April

Finding peace and not always looking for challenges in everything you do can sometimes be the beauty of life.

You are a wonderful being who can give relationships depth and craziness, but relationships are not a game. Let them reveal their true souls and you will want to walk away because there is so much more to them than the rush of the moment.

Month of May

The reason you feel desperate is that you are trapped in a relationship where there are no flaws, where you have stability and comfort, but you are not happy.

You’ve insisted on everything working perfectly and that’s why you feel hopeless. Give yourself a chance to love; it’s okay to feel exposed. It’s the price of love.

Month of June

How often have you allowed yourself to act without restraint?

Please try not to be so impatient if you like to be brave and inject some adrenaline into your days. Giving your whole life to someone who doesn’t value you is preferable to waiting for the right person to come along. Although commitment is nice, don’t settle when you and your partner are on the same page.

Month of July

From time to time you should moderate your romanticism a bit.

I know you are won over by the love you experience, but it is unfair to place all your expectations on someone who has never shown you the slightest interest. Don’t give your best to someone who barely has time to respond to a message; your kindness and your heart deserve to be cared for.

Month of August

You’re a crazy romantic who doesn’t mind the approval of others. You love to explore in that sense and the more options you have at your fingertips, the better.

The unfortunate thing is that, by leaving your doors wide open, you let people in who have very low energy levels – you can sense the tension in the air before they even start talking – and they’re the ones who put out your light.

Month of September

You would understand that your love for yourself is more than enough if you gave it to yourself, even if only for a short time, as you do with people you value.

If you have become accustomed to having guests, you have begun to accept crumbs, which is bad. It is not your responsibility to end the bitterness of those who don’t even like themselves, so avoid being available to them.

Month of October

You put up too many barriers and don’t like to get close to anyone, so you attract the wrong kind of people.

You expect conquests to magically appear, but that’s not how it works. True love is built, but it takes two people; the beginning of the story requires a grain of sand.

Month of November

A toast to your freedom, which you value above all else, but which somehow disturbs your peace.

As if there’s something wrong with commitment, you’ve developed the idea that you don’t want labels or chains. You just need to trust and let yourself be loved if you want to have a beautiful and healthy relationship where adventure is paramount.

Month of December

When did you start acting like the rescuer?

The person who feels compelled to lend a helping hand to others and who cries out insisting on giving life, even if it is taken away. You can’t find true love with people who only come to you for advice on how to solve their problems.

Listen to yourself, don’t let your happiness get in the way of what you need and take care of your emotional and mental health.

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