Love in the palm of your hand

Love in the palm of your hand,

It’s always fun to check on a new person you meet using various methods to analyze his or her character and personality. The tradition of palm reading is quite old and it’s also a lot of fun.

Fundamentals of Palmistry – Love in the Palm

We have compiled some simple and fundamental concepts of palmistry with a focus on connection, love and relationships. Here are the palmistry signs of love and marriage.

How should you read which hand?

Which hand to look at when reading palms is one of the first questions people ask. Both and it depends, is the answer.

Students of palmistry distinguish the active hand and the passive hand. The right-hand serves as the active hand for a right-handed person, while the left hand serves as the passive hand.

Like right-handers, left-handers use the left hand as the active hand and the right hand as the passive hand.

The passive hand usually reads inherited traits and potential. If these inherited traits are altered, the active hand should be looked at.

In general, when the lines and markings of the active and passive hands are markedly different, it indicates that the person has actively worked to develop.

Hand dimensions

Consider the size of the hand about the size of the body.

A huge hand usually denotes a person who thinks more than they do. Someone with a relatively small hand is assumed to be more active and spends less time figuring out what to do.

The shape of the hand

The four basic hand shapes correspond to the four elements of air, earth, fire and water. They are as follows:

Air hands

Long fingers, square palms and fine, defined lines are the distinguishing features of Air Hands. They are the hands of thoughtful and extroverted people. They tend to ask for stimulation and change, especially mental. These people prioritize mental compatibility above all else when dating.

Grounded Hands

Short fingers, square palm, thick or robust skin and deep, clean, straight lines are characteristic of Earth Hands. They are the hands of down-to-earth, down-to-earth people and full of life. Usually, they have a deep affinity with nature and the outdoors. They tend to be very reliable and straightforward as lovers.

Hands of Fire

Long palms, short fingers, many noticeable lines and firm, warm skin are characteristic of Fire Hands. They are the hands of risk-takers who value action. They are optimistic, self-confident and willing to take the initiative as lovers.

Water Hands

Fingers and palms are long, have numerous small lines that are not always visible and delicate, moist skin is characteristic of Water Hands. These hands suggest a creative and sensitive individual. They are vulnerable, kind, somewhat innocent and sensitive in a romantic relationship.

  • A square palm is when the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the palm are almost identical.
  • If the vertical measurement of the palm exceeds its horizontal length, it is said to be long.
  • Now if the length of the middle finger reaches at least three-quarters of the length (height) of the palm, the finger is said to be long.
  • And if the length of the middle finger is less than three-fourths of the length of the palm, the fingers are considered to be short.

The thumb

How flexible is the thumb?

It is assumed that the degree of adaptation of a person is measured by the flexibility of the thumb. The more flexible the thumb is, the more relaxed the character is. A lack of adaptability indicates an inflexible person.

When a person’s thumb is narrow at the base of the phalange, they are assumed to be diplomatic and tactful in their interactions with others.

Some people believe that the length of the thumb with the other fingers is a sign of loyalty. Longer thumbs are said to represent stronger and more reliable personalities to themselves and others.

The patterns of the hand

The Major Lines, the Secondary Lines and the Minor Lines make up most of the palm.

In addition to the Major Lines, a palm with many fine lines reveals a somewhat complicated and sensitive personality, especially susceptible to outside influences and problems. In general, the simpler a person is, the fewer lines they have. These people lead a simpler, more straightforward life.
The main lines

On the palm, there are usually three distinct lines.

Love in the palm of your hand,

The Heart Line

This is the upper horizontal line from the palm to the right that ends at point A. Those who read the palm for signs of love should pay special attention to this line because it denotes affection.

The person is more passionate and often jealous the higher this line is. An emotional control freak might be indicated by a heart line that spans the entire hand.

A heart line ascending toward the Jupiter finger (the index) denotes a kind, understanding and caring disposition in interpersonal interactions. In the heart line, crosses and breakups denote times of sadness and pain in a relationship.

The Head Line

Point B is the central horizontal line. The type of intelligence a person possesses is shown by this line.

The amount of caution a person possesses is shown by the distance, if any, between the beginning of the Head Line and the beginning of the Life Line. When these lines meet at the beginning, the person is naturally cautious and even terrified.

The farther apart they are, the more self-confident and adventurous the person will be.

The Line of Life

This is a curved line that usually swoops from near the base of the palm to the C point between the thumb and first finger.

When it comes to romantic relationships, a person with a broad Life Line that has room for the Mount of Venus is likely to be expansive and giving. A person is less charitable with his or her time and energy the closer the Lifeline is to the thumb.

The attachment line is a second fascinating line in relationship theory. These lines are often referred to as marriage lines.

Just above the heart line, these lines can be seen (above point A). The thin, light horizontal lines seen here are believed to represent relationships that are not serious commitments.

A long, clean line indicates an established and satisfied marriage or commitment. When there are several long, deep lines, the bottom one is considered to represent the individual’s first significant relationship.

Palmistry hand mount

Love in the palm of your hand,

Numerous mounts can be found in the palm in various places and these mounts are connected to various planets.

For people looking for love signs in the palm of their hand, the mount of Venus is very attractive.

This mount can be located within the curved Line of Life, next to the thumb. Normally, carnality in this context denotes a passion for pleasure.

An extremely sexual temperament is indicated by a fleshy and solid Mount of Venus, while a flaccid mount here denotes a lack of sexual vigor.

In the Mount of Venus, prominent horizontal lines are said to represent someone who has a strong magnetic attraction over lovers.

This mount, which often resembles a grid due to the abundance of fine lines flowing in many directions, portends a very complex person when it comes to romantic relationships.

A fickle and unreliable personality can irritate romantic interests. In general, the presence of several fine lines in this image denotes a susceptible individual. Couples may find it easy to deceive this person.

A triangle on this mount is supposed to represent someone who might have extramarital affairs and a crescent moon here denotes someone with strong persuasive ability.

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