Love as a Teacher

Love as a Teacher,

Love as a teacher recognizes that the student receives instruction and has the right to make mistakes. It considers that errors demand to be repaired. In addition, it helps the student to realize that mistakes are wrong, as they harm both the individual and his or her peers.

Teaching with love – Reflections

On the other hand, fear as a teacher does not recognize the right of the learner to make mistakes. It considers mistakes irreversible and punishing, which means that it considers the need to punish rather than modify when something is wrong.

I have long thought that parents love their children and do not want them to suffer any pain. In all the spiritual rules and suggestions I have heard or read, only one seems to be constant:

They will not endure suffering.

And, of course, part of this is not to torment the present moment, turning it into a nightmare when we could turn it into a beautiful dream. When we can represent the joys within us in an image, we don’t need to paint a picture that makes us scream in terror.

The gifts the Creator offers us to express our creativity are the brushes of time and the canvas of space; whatever we choose to do is a pure manifestation of our desire and our intention. There is nothing in the outside world that has not been created by an artist.

One might also add that one must choose carefully the type of seeds one sow, as they have a sneaky propensity to grow into trees. Living in an orchard (our life) in which we have sown destructive behaviors or unintentional comments is not worth it.

As one, we are

Knowing that we all share the same air and experience the same emotions, we must also refrain from causing harm to others because the suffering we cause to others corrodes our hearts.

There is nothing that has not been influenced by an artist. And you only have to act to stir up something new if you don’t like the work of art your eyes see or the symphony your ears hear.

All you have to do to change the work is to change the intention: purify what your heart feels or wants so that the wonder it expresses on the outside is an extension of the wonder that dwells within you.

Since you already have the elements (time, space and your will), changing the work only requires changing the intention. There was indeed an inner creation before the outer creation.

I also impart the knowledge that there must first be an inner creation intention. Furthermore, if the intention is good and pure, it will act as a guide for both inner and outer creation. I have mentioned this quite succinctly.

We must learn from a teacher if we want to transform our lives. Regardless of names, forms, philosophies, gods, latitudes, or times, one of the two masters is always the one who instructs us in all that we learn.

Fear or love

I have already pointed out some similarities between the two and I will continue to do so, but first I must draw your attention to something of utmost importance. The master does not choose you. It is you who chooses the master.

It is you who chooses to hide from the vultures, the harpies, the punishments, the rejections and the secret rules that only serve to harm you because they are unwilling to step forward and come forward.

You are the one who decides to live in fear, eyes trembling and panting, believing you understand when in reality you are only trying to run away. Assuming you only participate when you want to. Imagining friendship where there is only slavery.

Claiming you must endure misery to be rescued when it is suffering to be avoided.

You decide to smile at them before being warmly embraced by the one who provides nourishment for all. Because He is your source of strength and the constant you seek by irrational methods, not even all the terror in the world has been able to stand against Him.

He is the master who recognizes inadvertence as an opportunity to refine the craft; He is the softness that breathes. The nourishment of Love. The wisdom that allows us to spare others and ourselves from suffering.

We pick it up

And we claim that God is the source of our fear or that all these self-inflicted sorrows are done in His honor. Could the Lord of Forgiveness and Peace consider suffering and punishment as a respectable sacrifices?

Originally, you accept love as your Master, you will recognize that the deity you once worshipped was nothing more than an image that seemed to validate the extreme fear you already experienced. After this, I would like to add something else.

Education is change

Even if Love were the teacher, it would still be the apprentice’s obligation to do the learning. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be an apprentice, would he? However, he still has to make changes.

We still must act without hesitation. We should start living the sacred instead of keeping it in shrines.

This is the true reverence that all that is divine deserve: to be used and perfected, rather than abandoned and left to rust in the isolation of an altar that only serves to determine that the righteous is apart from the rest of us.

Live without fear and make mistakes

Forgive yourself for all your mistakes. Immediately. But get upset. Stop hurting yourself. Don’t abuse others. Learn because you are a learner. But take refuge in love. Offer that mantle to all your fellow travelers. Let this Sun caress every one of us.

Receive a fraternal embrace.

Author: El Loco (name unknown)