Choose Life: Inspiring Musings of a Manager

Choose Life: Inspiring Musings of a Manager,

Lucas had one of those personalities that evoked mixed emotions. He remained perpetually optimistic, offering words of encouragement and positivity. When asked how he felt, he’d reply with a playful grin, “If I were any better, I’d be a twin.”

A Positive Perspective: Musings on Faith and Resilience

He was a different kind of manager; he had waitresses by his side who had been with him throughout his career at various establishments. This loyalty was undoubtedly due to his unwavering attitude.

Lucas had the gift of inspiration: whenever an employee felt downcast, he always found a way to show the brighter side of things. His unique skill intrigued me, leading me to approach him one day to ask, “How do you maintain such positivity? How do you strike that balance?”

With a smile, Lucas replied, “Every morning when I wake, I have two choices: ‘Today, I can choose to be happy or sad. I choose happiness.'”

“When faced with adversity, I can decide to play the victim or find a lesson. I choose to learn.”

“When someone comes with complaints or grievances, I have a choice to join the pessimism or show the silver lining. I always choose the latter.”

Hearing this, I countered, “It can’t be that simple.”

With a calm demeanor, Lucas responded, “Actually, it is. Life is all about choices. Every situation provides you an opportunity to choose.”

“You determine how you’ll react to each situation, decide how much you’ll let others affect your mood, and choose to be happy or sad.”


His words deeply resonated with me.

Later on, I left the hospitality industry to carve my own path. Although I lost touch with Lucas, his wisdom guided every decision I made.

Years later, I learned that Lucas had faced grave danger: due to an oversight, he left a door open and fell victim to a violent robbery. Under pressure, as he attempted to open the safe, his trembling hand missed the combination. The fearful criminals shot him. Thankfully, he was found in time and underwent emergency surgery, though shrapnel remained in his body.

When I reconnected with Lucas months after the ordeal and inquired about his condition, he replied with his characteristic wit, “If I were any better, I’d be a twin.” Probing further about that tragic day, Lucas shared:

“The first thing I thought of was the oversight with the door. But as I lay wounded, I remembered that I had two choices: to fight for my life or give in. I chose to fight.”

“Weren’t you consumed by fear?”, I asked.

Lucas continued, “The medical team was outstanding, always exuding hope. But as I entered the operating room and sensed their concern, fear overtook me. It was then I realized I needed to act.”

“What did you do?”, I pressed.

“One of the doctors asked if I had any allergies. With a shaky voice, I exclaimed: ‘To bullets!’ As laughter erupted, I added: ‘I’ve chosen to live, so please, treat me like a fighter, not a condemned man.'”

Lucas pulled through, thanks to the doctors’ skill but, notably, because of his incredible attitude.

He showed us that every day offers the choice to live with passion and purpose. At day’s end, ATTITUDE makes all the difference.

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