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About burial and cremation, InfoMistico.com

Incredible as it may seem, cremation is preferable to burial according to the body of religious doctrines that support the existence of a higher spirit. However, cremation poses particular problems for many people.

What are your thoughts on cremation and burial?

Some people worry or fear that cremation will obstruct the soul’s ability to continue its journey to the afterlife, while others worry that cremation will somehow damage or destroy the soul.

Is cremation the most beneficial religious rite for the soul?

However, some experts in the field dispel these myths by focusing on two key points:

When a person dies physically, his or her soul leaves the body; in fact, it is the departure of his or her soul that causes the death of the body. The soul cannot be harmed in any way by physical material fire because it is not physical or material.

Cremation does not disturb, damage, or negatively impact any aspect of our being, other than the physical body, which is already dead at the time of cremation because material fire can only affect matter and substance that pertain to the material (i.e. physical) plane.

The real risks of burial

Supposedly, the astral body decays after death at the same rate as the physical body, according to Theosophy. At the moment of death, it separates from the physical body but remains close by as the physical body it had previously vitalized deteriorates and dissipates.

If the physical body is buried, the remains of the astral body will remain in our dimension for a longer time, which may have unfavorable effects.

Just before death

Gases are released from the excretory system of the corpse. These gases are bodily substances, such as putrefaction gases and others, which are excreted by the body.

Since they are gases that arise from a decomposing body, their vibrations and frequencies are negative. As a result, negative entities are attracted to the corpse by these negative frequencies.

These entities “attack” the corpse to take control of the five vital and sub-vital energies that are released from the body into the Universe at the moment of death.

The corpse emits dark energy in the form of smoke, which surrounds it and covers it with darkness. It is obvious that this smoke is invisible, but the sixth sense allows us to perceive it. As a consequence of the attacks of these lower astral beings, the corpse’s body transmits unfavorable frequencies.

The risks of burial

First focus on controlling the vital energies before moving on to the subtle body of the deceased. People’s subtle bodies often oscillate on the earth plane and are filled with materialistic desires.

The relationship between the subtle body and its former dense body is subtle, both in terms of bonding with it and through the vital energy that the corpse releases into the atmosphere over a few days.

This connection is how evil entities reach the subtle body. They begin by sending spirals of negative energy into the subtle body, trapping it.

Then, a “trap” in the form of black frequencies is set for the subtle body. This limits the subtle body’s ability to move freely and obstructs its path to the beyond and future existence.

After a while, a large number of evil spirits join the assault on the subtle body, generating new spirals of dark frequencies and eventually taking it over completely. The entities gradually take over the corpse in this way.

Benefits of spiritual cremation

The astral body disintegrates very quickly if the physical body is cremated after death.

Cremation’s effects on the soul of the deceased largely free it from any residual attraction to the Earth and things of the physical plane that might otherwise hinder the initial stages of the post-death process.

In addition, cremated remains can be disposed of in a variety of ways after the cremation, such as scattering them in the air, burying them in a family plot, dumping them at sea, etc.

Some people even choose to keep the cremated remains in a cremation urn at home. But it must also be recognized that this is not the best from a spiritual point of view.

In a spiritual sense

The best way to dispose of cremated remains is to scatter them or throw them into a moving body of water, such as a lake, river, or ocean.

After all, water is a purifying substance. On the other hand, the quickest way to the afterlife is to scatter the ashes in water.

However, it is also important to note that some professionals, including the renowned psychic Elise Defer, advise waiting 3 to 4 days after a person’s death before cremating the body.

In this way, the soul is given enough time to make the transition to its new state and leave behind any traumas it may have suffered during its stay on earth.


The cremation method is the most recommended of all funeral rites. Unfortunately, as this practice is associated with punishment and burial with honor, it is discouraged by Christianity and other religions.

But it is important to understand the spiritual effects of burial and to balance all the advantages and disadvantages.

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