The Four Wives: Musings on Life

The Four Wives: Musings on Life,

In ancient times, a monarch had four consorts. His devotion to the fourth was unparalleled, adorning her with the finest robes and lavishing her with the choicest luxuries. For her, only the best would do.

The Four Wives — Contemplations on Existence and the Beyond

His third consort was likewise held in high esteem. He took pride in parading her before other realms. Yet, deep down, he feared she might one day desert him.

The second wife was his sanctuary. His unwavering pillar is always kind, understanding, and ever-ready to lend an ear. In times of adversity, the monarch would turn to her, seeking guidance and solace.

Conversely, the first wife, despite her unwavering loyalty and her invaluable efforts in ensuring the kingdom’s prosperity and stability, seldom caught his eye or earned his acknowledgment, even though she bore genuine love for him.

One day, the monarch’s deteriorating health forced him to confront the inevitability of his end. Reflecting on his opulent life, he wondered, “I have these four consorts by my side, but when I leave this world, who will accompany me?”

He approached the fourth, asking, “You have been my most cherished. I’ve bestowed everything upon you. In my final moments, would you choose to stay with me?”

“Impossible,” she replied, immediately drawing away. Her refusal struck the monarch like a dagger to the heart.

Holding onto hope, he turned to the third, “You’ve been a cornerstone in my life. As the end draws near, would you choose to stand by me?”

“I’m sorry,” she responded, “Life has many more allurements to offer. Once you are gone, I plan to seek another destiny.” These words left a chilling void in the king’s soul.

Desperately seeking comfort, he looked to his second wife, “You’ve been my confidante, ever-present in my tribulations. As I depart, would you remain with me?”

“I wish I could,” she admitted somberly, “But my role ends at bidding you your final farewell.” This revelation thundered down on the monarch, leaving him desolate.

It was then that a voice whispered, “I will be with you, no matter where fate takes you.”

Turning around, he recognized his first wife, now severely diminished. With profound regret, the monarch lamented, “I should have valued you more when I had the chance.”

In essence, every human has these four consorts:

  • The fourth signifies our body. No matter how much we embellish it, it will ultimately forsake us.
  • The third embodies our possessions, status, and wealth. Upon our departure, they’ll be inherited or claimed by others.
  • The second reflects our loved ones and friends. Though they may be with us in life, their companionship ends at our final farewell.
  • The first, our very essence or soul, is the sole constant. It will always be by our side. Yet, in our quest for success and pleasure, we often neglect it. Nurturing and cherishing it is paramount. It’s the most profound legacy we can leave behind. Allow it to shine brilliantly.