Ara Stone

Ara Stone,

The term Ara etymologically refers to the word altar, a translation of the Latin Ara, which means altar or sacrificial stone. The first Christian churches used huge blocks of polished stone as altar tables.

Stone of Ara – For good luck

In the central part, they drilled a hole and placed relics of some saints, pieces of Lignu Crucis, or sacred talismans to signify the internal connection between heaven and earth, between the officiant and the office and between the priest and God.

In other words, they gave the altar the quality or symbol of the Body of Christ, by which we connect with God.

The hollow symbol of the heart of Christ pierced by the spear of Longinus was covered with an Ara stone, which indicates the boundary between the outside and the inside and the stone becomes the meeting point of the two.

In the Masonic Lodge

It is represented by a quadrangular prism bearing a triangle with three bright points, protruding on three small steps, with the faces facing West, South and North respectively.

On top is a triangular cushion, upholstered in red and richly decorated with red bangs and on top is the “Book of the Law”. This monument represents the truth that all Masons must discover through constancy, study and perseverance in the practice of all virtues.

Three lights burning on a Masonic altar

They symbolize Science, Virtue and Fraternity, being allegorical of the Sun, the Moon and the Ven. M.’., since in the same way that the sun illuminates the day and the moon illuminates the night, the Ven.’. M.’. must strive to illuminate with his wisdom the intelligence of the brothers.

In the Middle Ages, the Ara stone was considered a star of power in love and wedding ceremonies due to the place where these rituals took place, but today its most obvious application is as a money charm in many versions and more.

No matter if it’s for work, sales, gambling, etc., it’s luck that falls from the sky. Thus, the original concept of the sacred stone that connects us with the divine, has been transformed and adapted to our deepest desires, love, success and material abundance.

Magic use of the Ara Stone

You should always carry her in a little yellow felt bag and stay connected all day long, talk to her, touch her, pray to her and ask her clear questions. The more contact you have with her, the better.

This sounds like fetishism and exaggeration, but it’s all about bonding with the stone. The stone should receive your order in your hand and receive all the attention of its owner.

Anyway, for the most incredulous, the only way to know if it is fetish magic or an accurate projection is to do it. After all, what is the risk of doing it?

The stone of Ara should not be touched by anyone if it is not its owner

As in the case of all talismans, the Ara stone should not be touched by anyone, if it is not its owner and when we see it, it is not convenient to show it because it is usual that it seems that we have our eyes in our fingers.

Whoever we show it to will want to touch it and it is not good, but for one reason only… the exchange of vibrations that are not those of you and your stone, so why take it out in public view?

Nor should the stone be in contact with metals other than the owner’s rings, the metal steals energy from the ara stone.

As part of the ritual of empowering the ara stone, there is a long-established custom that once the economic situation begins to regularize in our life, we commit to giving between 3 and 5 Ara stones to other people who are equally in need of money and also commit to working the chain of gifts of this talisman.

Powerful prayer of the Ara stone

Mighty stone of Ara, who was born among the marbles and blessed by St. Peter and St. John in the Jordan.

I take you St. Augustine and said:

“Whoever has this Holy Stone and this blessed prayer will be the person that for him there will be no sorcerers or sorcerers to torment his body.

The weapons of my enemies will be slow and heavy and mine will be fast and thin.

With the mantle of Mary Most Holy, I will cover my forehead the Consecrated Host that I keep within me.

Mary Most Holy said:

“Whoever would have this Holy Stone and this blessed Prayer will be the person who will never find despondency in the world, his house will be blessed, his family succored, his business flourished and he will attain three hundred days of indulgence at the hour of his death.”

Amen Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

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