Amulets and Talismans

Information about amulets and talismans in the mystical, esoteric and spiritual world. Attracting good luck, ensuring protection.

Osito de Protección / teddy bear

Teddy Bear Talisman: An Ancient Amulet for Tranquility

Have you watched your little ones fuss during the night, victims of disturbing dreams? Often, nightmares can disturb your rest and affect your well-being. In response to this problem, an ancient Wiccan ritual offers us a symbol of safety and love: the Protection Bear, a magical amulet that promises to ward off bad dreams.

Árbol de la Vida Amuleto / Tree of Life Amulet

Tree of Life: Magic and Meaning in an Amulet

Discover the Tree of Life, an amulet that has taken root in the hearts of diverse cultures and has been maintained over time, representing love, protection and personal growth. This mysterious and fascinating symbol ranges from ancient beliefs to contemporary jewelry, serving as a bridge that connects the earthly and the divine. Get ready to embark on a journey of exploration and wonder, unraveling the secrets and meanings behind this iconic talisman.


Higa Amulet

The higas, known by other names such as “figas, manezuelas, ciguas, maninas, puñeres, or black hands”, are much more than simple jewelry pieces. These objects hold a wealth of ancestral beliefs.

Piedra de Ara / Ara Stone

Ara Stone

As in the case of all talismans, the stone of Ara should not be touched by anyone, if it is not its owner and as soon as you see it, it is not convenient to show it because it is usual that it seems that we have the eyes in our fingers.

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