Angel Number 13 Iezalel

Angel Number 13 Iezalel,

Number: 13
Tree of Life: sphere of Kohmat “Wisdom”
Planetary energies: Uranus and Sun
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Zodiac Regency: 0° to 5° Gemini, 12° Aries, 24° Gemini, 4° Virgo, 18° Scorpio and 30° Capricorn
Meaning: “God Glorified above all things”
Prince: Archangel Raziel
Regency hours: 04:00 to 04:20

Iezalel: The 13th Angel of Kabbalah and His Powerful Impact on Love, Friendship and Procreation

The 13th Angel of Kabbalah, known as Iezalel is worshiped as a heavenly messenger who provides special energy for the procreation of male children in our world. Iezalel is a beacon of blessing and is considered a heavenly ally for those seeking to have children.

This angel represents an essential figure in Kabbalistic theology, it embodies the light of the Messiah, not seen as an individual but as a state of elevated consciousness.

Iezalel is commonly invoked by people who seek happiness in love and friendships, acting as a mediating angel particularly useful for those seeking reconciliation in various areas of their lives: love, friendship, family and even work relationships.

Iezalel’s role is not limited to promoting reconciliation, he is recognized for his ability to help people build good friendships and cultivate quality human relationships. It brings comfort to those who feel alone and provides a kind of spiritual guidance to those who face problems of shyness or difficulties in socializing.

Love is one of the fundamental virtues that Angel Iezalel promotes being seen as the main wisdom. But this angel frees us both physically and spiritually.

It reminds us of the complexity of our own human natures, highlighting both the inherent aggressiveness and the ability to overcome obstacles. This dual aspect of their influence serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding and embracing all our facets.

Iezalel brings with it the promise of peace and wholeness on all levels. His presence in our lives not only serves as a guide but also as a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth marking his importance in the Kabbalah tradition.

Ultimately, this angel teaches us that love and wisdom are the true foundations for a full and enriched life.

How to contact Angel 13 Iezalel: Dates and times for successful invocation

  • Schedule: 04:00 to 04:20
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 11-15 of Iyar, 5784
  • Regency Gregorian calendar: May 19-23, April 1, June 14, June 14, August 26, November 10 and January 20

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Hebrew Letter Angel Iezalel

Angel Number 13 Iezalel,


To Have Male Children

Psalm 104, Verse 16

Angel Number 13 Iezalel,
The trees of the Lord are satisfied, the cedars of Lebanon that he planted.

Angel 13 Iezalel of Kabbalah: Influence and Characteristics of Those Born Under His Regency

People born under the influence of the Angel Iezalel of Kabbalah stand out for their fidelity, loyalty and sincerity, essential elements that define and enrich all their interpersonal relationships. They are not selfish; on the contrary, their happiness lies in trusting and providing affection to those around them.

They are characterized by having an exceptional memory and an impressive intellect that allows them to understand everything from logical questions to issues of a mystical-religious nature. This intellectual capacity complements a balanced spiritual body that constantly strives to maintain family unity and fidelity.

Recognized as effective mediators, they are known for their ability to bring about great reconciliation which often brings them fame and recognition. They are faithful in their love giving it completely to one person.

These people tend to be optimistic accepting life as it is, without complaints. This positive attitude, along with their ability to understand and not judge, surrounds them with friends. At their core, they are true philosophers and deeply self-reflective.

Professionally, they are often successful as lawyers specializing in marriage matters or as marital counselors thanks to their deep knowledge of human relationships. In addition, they tend to be actively involved in cultural associations reflecting their interest in improving society.

Angel Qlifot 13: Influence and Negative Aspects on Human Behavior

The Angel Qlifot 13 is known for exercising control over negative aspects of human behavior. These include capriciousness, tyranny, dishonesty, coldness, ignorance, error and incoherence. People who are under their influence may have a limited and deceitful spirit.

Often, these individuals may make fun of those who try to learn and write about topics they barely understand on the surface. In an even darker twist, this Qlifot angel can infuse twisted pleasure in separating couples and the dissolution of the family unit.

The Reconciliation of Sun: The Legend of the Angel Iezalel

It was the darkest sunrise that Sun remembered. The hurtful words that their parents exchanged still rang in their ears, turning their once warm home into a wasteland of distress.

Despair had settled in Sun; she couldn’t understand how her parents, who had once loved each other so much had become strangers. Her arguments tore her apart, she blamed herself for being the cause of her problems. With a decision beyond his young age, he wrote a farewell letter and fled in the middle of the gloom.

The darkness of the night and the shadows were his only refuge as he went into solitude, believing that it was the right way to free his parents from their burden. But sadness embraced her relentlessly in her harrowing escape.

The next morning, completely exhausted, Sun sought refuge in a distant forest. She fell asleep in the trees where an unexpected visitor found her. “I am Iezalel, the Angel of Fidelity,” a kind voice said to him. “I have seen your suffering and I want to help you.”

But Sun, in her innocence, couldn’t accept it. “I’m the one who caused the problem, so I have to be the one to solve it” he replied.

Iezalel, with infinite patience, showed Sun visions of her parents, hugging each other and grieving the loss of their daughter. When she woke up Sun was stunned and understood the sad reality; her joy was vital to her parents. I had to come back.

The home he left was no longer a place of quarrels when he arrived, but one of immense relief and love. In the arms of her parents, Sun understood Iezalel’s message: love always prevails, it is an eternal bond of union. And so, Sun with the help of an angel, managed to reconcile her family, rediscovering the power of love.


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