Full Moon of Wesak: The Buddha Moon

Full Moon of Wesak: The Buddha Moon, InfoMistico.com

Did you know that the Full Moon of Wesak is the perfect time to receive blessings and transform your life? Discover how this powerful moon in Scorpio can renew your energy and provide a spiritual rebirth. Keep reading to learn about the rituals and practices that can help you make the most of this unique celestial event.

Rituals and Practices for the Full Moon of Wesak

Connect with Buddha and Receive Blessings

Every year, the Full Moon of Wesak marks a period of intense spiritual energy and transformation. It’s a time to receive new light, a moment to be reborn. This moon forms under the energy of Scorpio, the sign opposite the Sun in Taurus, creating a particularly important celestial event.

During this moon, according to Eastern culture, the Great Spirit descends to bestow blessings upon humanity through Buddha and the enlightened ones. This event holds profound spiritual significance as it is an opportunity to receive the blessing of Buddha and expand our inner being.

“Every Full Moon in Scorpio carries a special sacred energy. It’s time to prepare to receive Buddha’s blessing and expand our inner being.”

Finding that space at the center of our being allows us to perceive what our soul needs to integrate to vibrate in true peace and grow in happiness. The blessing of the Wesak Moon renews our energy and offers us a spiritual rebirth. It’s a time to observe ourselves, contemplate our present and find the space within us that is in the process of transformation.

Energy of the Full Moon in Scorpio

The Full Moon occurs 14 days after the New Moon when the Sun and Moon are in opposition. In this case, the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in its opposite, Scorpio. This opposition creates the most intense moment of the month, as the Earth stands between these two opposing and complementary forces.

During the Full Moon, we can create awareness by integrating these forces. When the last New Moon formed, we began a 28-day cycle in which the energy moves us to shape the new to manifest a new structure in reality.

The month of Taurus guides us to create the fundamental bases that will give material life to our desires. Now is when we start to see its form and perceive it with our five senses.

The Month of Taurus

The month of Taurus gives us the opportunity to build a new structure for the year. It’s time to focus on producing the new, shaping it with our own hands and moving at a slower pace to be more solid and meet the current needs that provide us with security and stability.

Life is constant change and we change continuously. Therefore, it is crucial to anchor ourselves in the present and observe everything that today presents itself as a need to live well. It’s time to become aware of our source of energy and our power to create materially perceptible structures that are aligned with our identity.

Full Moon in Scorpio

The emotional transformation that this Full Moon in Scorpio brings is an opportunity to align our sensitive world and emotions with the new structure that is beginning to take shape. During this moon, we can identify what we need to let go of to materialize the desired change.

Scorpio radiates power for illuminating the darkness, delving into the unconscious and contacting taboo topics and repressed emotions. This is the time to uncover all of that and release old and stagnant emotions, as the change is before us, visible and perceptible.

The Energy of Scorpio

The psychic energy that Scorpio moves is very intense. This Full Moon in Scorpio brings intense emotions and can make us feel more sensitive, tense and unstable. However, it is important to remember that this transformation can be intensely wonderful if we dare to let go, surrender and flow to leave the past behind and allow evolution.

“Connect with what is changing within your being. What needs to die and be let go because it is already part of the past. Allow yourself to be reborn.”

Accept the change and transformation, because by surrendering to this process, you consciously participate in your rebirth and the new cycle that emerges when you surrender to what the Universe offers you. Visualize detaching from the past and accept the emotions that can no longer be part of your present.

Preparation for the Full Moon of Wesak

According to Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama was the first being to achieve liberation on planet Earth, acquiring the powers of Light and Consciousness. He made a vow before the Solar Logos, promising to return to Earth every year during the Full Moon in Taurus to bless the world with cosmic force.

This full moon always forms in Scorpio and its energy changes our atmosphere. According to Buddhist tradition, during this moon, atoms from other dimensions of space are introduced into the etheric layers of the planet, producing the polarization of consciousness at higher levels and a great spiritual aspiration.

Days Leading Up to the Full Moon of Wesak

In the days leading up to the Full Moon of Wesak, Buddha’s Day, it is essential to open our four centers and bodies of consciousness:

  1. Creative Center: spiritual body and intuitive consciousness.
  2. Material Center: physical body and sensory consciousness.
  3. Intellectual Center: mental body and consciousness of thoughts.
  4. Emotional Center: psychic body and emotional consciousness.

It is crucial to pay special attention to developing the power of materialization. To do this, it is essential to be open, serene, meditate, stretch our bodies, let emotions flow and connect with our physical plane. Listen to the voice of the body and be aware that we can create the new structure with our own hands.

“Meditate invoking the presence of Buddha, pay attention to your inner voice and the full connection with your being and Buddha will appear.”

It’s time to let our structure transform and release the emotions that are already part of the past. Let go!

The Full Moon of Wesak invites us to meditate on the integration of Light and Shadow, Body and Emotion, Structure and Transformation. Allowing change is to materialize the evolution of our soul. Remember that change is liberation and every external change is the product of an internal change. Allow yourself to be reborn.

Happy Full Moon to everyone!

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