Angel Number 10 Aladiah

Angel Number 10 Aladiah,

Number: 10
Tree of Life: it is located in the sphere of Kohmat “Wisdom”
Planetary energies: Uranus and Saturn
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Zodiac Regency: from 15° to 20° Taurus, 9° Aries, 21° Gemini, 1° Virgo, 15° Scorpio, and 27° Capricorn
Meaning: “Propitious God”
Prince: Archangel Raziel
Regency hours: from 03:00 to 03:20

Angel 10 Aladiah

  • Protects us from the evil eye and removes envy.
  • In the Hermetic Kabbalah, this Name is used to seal the north.
  • The healing of Aladiah is from the top down, through the spirit, to neutralize depression and anguish.
  • Aladiah purifies and regenerates on all levels. He is a great healer.
  • Protection against negligence and carelessness when it comes to health and business.
  • Ask Aladiah to give you the grace and strength to experience your divine birth and manifest it throughout your life.
  • This angel is favorable to medicine and health, which is why he should be invoked when seeking a cure for any disease, as his greatest attribute is dominion over pests.
  • Inspiration to lead an enterprise to a happy result.
  • Forgiveness for the bad actions we may have committed.
  • Contact influential people.

How to invoke the Angel Aladiah (dates and times)

  • Schedule: 03:00 to 03:20
  • Regency Jewish calendar: 13-17 of Iyar, 5783
  • Regency gregorian calendar: May 4-8, March 29, June 11, August 23, November 7, and January 17
  • To learn how to invoke and meditate with the 72 Names of God visit the following link »

Hebrew Letter Angel Aladiah

Angel Number 10 Aladiah,


Against Evil Eye

Psalm 88, Verse 2

Angel Number 10 Aladiah,
Lord, my God, and my savior, day and night I cry out to you.

Characteristics of people born under the regency of the Angel Aladiah

  • Those born under this angel are skilled people with special qualities for healing. In medicine where they find their greatest success, always looking for ways to alleviate not only the physical but also spiritual ailments of others.
  • On the other hand, we find in them the ability to advise and avoid making the same mistakes of the past, as well as a great ability to start over if necessary.
  • Reliable, good-hearted, and correct in their undertakings.
  • Will have a lively social life and frequent the best of society.
  • Like angels on earth, they will be understanding, reserved, and dedicated to their loved ones.
  • Their imagination will be fertile, self-confident, flexible, and able to choose always the best ways and moments to act.
  • Tireless workers, will not measure efforts to achieve a more just society.
  • Bearers of harmony will like to take care of their bodies.
  • As merciful individuals and good counselors, they are also successful in fields such as the priesthood.
  • Objectivity and understanding make them excellent confidants, while their need to serve others leads them down the path of medicine and other sciences that are beneficial to humanity.
  • Professionally, they can be successful in medicine, institutions, hospitals, psychiatry, social work, nursing, and pharmaceutical or phototherapeutic ventures.
  • Because of his imagination, his hobbies could be writing fictional stories or police romances, which will surprise by the accuracy of the facts.

Negative Aspects (Angel Qlifot 10)

Dominates the inhibition, infidelity, intelligence in health and business, and the tendency to drugs or alcohol, and tobacco. He will not know how to use for a good his inner twist and will be able to cover up crimes and receive contraband.

Reflective Story

“The Failure of a Bad Angel”

The great Heaven was cheerful once, and the Angels were all good. Then all was light. These beings lived contentedly in the service of their Creator under the powerful Light that came from the Fire.

One day, however, their Creator and Lord gave them the order to set out on a long journey to conquer new countries for Him.

The Great Master said: -Go to the Abode of Hochmah, where my face is reflected in the clear Waters of Wisdom. But some Angels disobeyed Him, and He was enraged by their disobedience.

After this day they will no longer live in the zone of Divine Light but will be engulfed by the Fire of Hell, where they will be lost in the darkness of the abyss.

The Angels were divided after that tragic day, and while some of them remained kind, others ceased to be kind. They engaged in fierce conflict, but let me share a true story that took place and is still happening now.

According to legend, a virtuous angel named Aladiah once crossed paths with a demon of darkness named Luzan. And it turns out that Luzan’s envy led him to confront his late brother Aladiah. However, the latter wished to stay away from him and wanted nothing to do with such dealings.

But he did not succeed because Luzan, who was very cunning, told him: -If you do not accept the wager, I will not accept it. If you refuse the wager, I will have control of human life for every day that passes.

Aladiah replied, —No, you can’t do that. You cannot change their destiny.

—Brother, don’t be so naïve. And as he said this, he invaded the body of a helpless old man, who could not resist that dreadful energy and was forced to leave his body because he had passed away.

—Enough, please,— begged the good Angel. Yes, I will accept your bet, but there is a catch. All right, if I win, you will retire to the depths and never return to this part of heaven.

Although Aladiah had no escape, at least he would have a chance to stop that hell.

—Pay attention, as I will only briefly go over the rules of the game. We will choose one person at random. Do you agree that if you stop me from doing what I want, I will comply with your request?

Although the plan was perverse, what could I do? Aladiah asked, expecting the worst: —And what is your will?

—Let him try to take his own life,— answered the devil.

The unfortunate victim had been chosen. The father of a modest family united by deep ties of affection was a farmer. Though the work was difficult, the kindly man never groaned or fainted as he provided for them.

But then, he seemed to have one run of bad luck after another. After a freak storm, his fields, which were ready for harvest, were flooded. But because he had confidence in God, he accepted his affliction with resignation.

Luzan tried again, and this time he seriously injured his youngest son. -That would destroy his faith,” reasoned the evil demon. But Aladiah was at his side, giving him courage and patience. And once again, the man submitted to God’s will.

He had only one more chance, and he seized it to give free rein to all his wickedness. That father was persuaded by Luzan to steal because he needed food, and after doing so, he felt so guilty that he raised his eyes to heaven and implored God’s mercy.

The result was that Aladiah won and Luzan lost, but it was only possible thanks to that man’s determination to knock on the doors of Love.


Is Aladiah one of your Kabbalah guardian angels?

Did you know that according to the sunrise of the year, day, and hour of birth of the exact place where you were born you have three guardian angels that correspond to:

  • Week of your birth (physical angel)
  • Day of birth (emotional angel)
  • Time of birth (mental angel)

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