Number: 10
Tree of Life: it is located in the sphere of Kohmat “Wisdom” in the Hebrew language: חכמה
Meaning: “Propitious God”
Hebrew name: אָלָדַי
Prince: Archangel Raziel
Planetary energies: Uranus and Saturn
Sign: Taurus
Regency in the Zodiac: from 15° to 20° of Taurus, 9° Aries, 21° Gemini, 1° Virgo, 15° Scorpio and 27° Capricorn
Regency hours: from 03:00 to 03:20 (from sunrise that day)
Regency (Jewish calendar): 10 to 14 Iyar 5780
Regency** (Gregorian calendar): 4 to 8 May 2020. Other regency days in the year 2020: March 29, June 9, August 20, October 31 and January 11 2021

NOTE** The regency dates indicate when the Angel 10 is active in the year 2020 and not its date of birth. If you want to know the exact names and numbers of your birth angels you can request them here »

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Angel 10 Aladiah

  • This angel is favorable to medicine and health, so it should be invoked when seeking a cure for any disease, because its greatest attribute is the domain over the pests.
  • Inspiration to lead a company to a happy outcome.
  • The forgiveness of the bad actions we may have committed.
  • Contact with influential people.
  • Protection against negligence and carelessness when it comes to health and business.
  • Protection from the evil eye and removal of envy.

How to invoke the Angel Aladiah

The invocation of the Angel Aladiah must be between 3:00 and 3:20 (from sunrise on that day)

To invoke his strength and power, first pray Psalm 88, Verse 2, then call his name and finally make the specific request you want to make to him.

It is recommended that petitions as thanks be made on days when the moon is in its rising phases, it is not appropriate to do so even at full moon and avoid the waning moon altogether. For very important requests preferably learn how to use your schedule.

Born under the regency to the Angel Aladiah

  • Those born under this angel are skilled people with special healing qualities. It is in medicine that they find their greatest successes, always seeking ways to alleviate not only physical but also spiritual ailments of others.
  • On the other hand, we find in them the faculties to advise and avoid making the same mistakes of the past, as well as a great capacity to start again if necessary.
  • They are reliable people with a good heart and are correct in their undertakings.
  • Will have an intense social life and will frequent the best of society.
  • Will be like angels on earth, understanding, reserved and dedicated to the beloved person.
  • Will have a fertile imagination, self-confidence, flexibility and the ability to always choose the best paths and moments to act.
  • Tireless workers, they will not measure efforts to achieve a more just society.
  • They will be bearers of harmony and will be happy to take care of their bodies.
  • They are merciful individuals and good counselors, which is why they also succeed in fields such as the priesthood.
  • Their objectivity and understanding lead them to be excellent confidants, while their need to serve others guides them along the path of medicine and other sciences that are favorable to mankind.
  • Professionally, they may succeed in medicine, institutions, hospitals, psychiatry, social work or nursing, and in pharmaceutical or phytotherapy ventures.
    In his imagination, his hobbies could be writing fictional stories or police romances, which will surprise you with the accuracy of the facts.

Negative aspects of the Angel Aladiah

It dominates inhibition, infidelity, health and business intelligence, tendency to drugs or alcohol and tobacco. He will not know how to use his inner twist for good and may be able to cover up crimes and receive contraband.

Psalm of invocation Angel Aladiah

“Lord, my God and my savior, day and night I am crying out to you:”

Psalm 88:2

Angel Aladiah “The Failure of a Bad Angel”

There was a happy time in the great Heaven, when the Angels were all good. In those days everything was Light. A powerful Light emanated from the Fire and those beings lived happily serving their creator. But one day, their Maker and Lord, commanded them to make a long journey in which they were to conquer new lands for Him.

– Go to the Abode of Hochmah where my face is reflected in the crystalline waters of Wisdom – I command the Great Master. But not all the Angels obeyed Him, and that insubordination infuriated Him.

– From this day onwards, you will cease to inhabit the region of the Divine Light and you will be consumed in the Fire of the Inferno, where you will become confused within the shadows of the abyss.

Since that sad day, the Angels were divided and while some were good, others ceased to be so. A tenacious struggle arose among them, but let me tell you a story that truly happened, and is still happening.

One day, the legend tells that a good angel named Aladiah met Luzan, a demon of darkness. And it happened that Luzan’s envy led him to challenge his former brother Aladiah. But he didn’t want to hear about these deals and wanted to avoid them. However, he didn’t succeed, as Luzan told him that he was very cunning:

– If you don’t accept the bet, for every day that passes I will possess the life of a human being.

– No, you can’t do that,” replied Aladiah, “you can’t intervene in his destiny.

– Don’t be naive little brother, watch and see.

And saying this, he went into the body of a poor old man, who could not resist that cursed force and had no choice but to leave his body, he had died.

– Enough, I beg you,” exclaimed the good Angel. Yes, I will accept your bet, but I will do it on one condition. If I win, you will leave this area of Heaven forever and retire to the abyss, okay?

Aladiah had no way out, but at least he would have a chance to put an end to that hell.

– Pay attention, because I’ll explain the rules of the game to you just once. We will choose a human at random. If you prevent me from doing my will, I will do as you ask. Are you happy?

The plan was truly diabolical, but what could I do…

– And what is your will? – Aladiah asked, fearing the worst.

– Let him make an attempt on his own life – answered the devil.

The unfortunate victim had been chosen. He was a peasant, the father of a humble family united by strong ties of love. This good man worked tirelessly to support them, and in spite of the harshness of the work, he had never complained or faltered.

However, from that day on everything seemed to go wrong for him. His fields that were ready for harvest were flooded after a mysterious storm. But that misfortune was accepted with resignation, for he was a man of faith in God.

Luzan tried again, and this time she made her youngest son seriously ill. That would end his faith,” thought the evil demon. But Aladiah was by his side, inspiring him with strength and arming him with patience. And that man accepted God’s will once again.

He had only one last try left, and in him he poured out all his evil. He urged that desperate father to steal, for he had nothing to eat, and he succeeded, but when he did, he felt so much remorse that he lifted his eyes to heaven and begged for God’s forgiveness and grace.

That meant the defeat of Luzan and the victory of Aladiah, but this would never have been possible without the will of that man, who knocked on the doors of Love.


NOTE** The regency dates indicate when the Angel 10 is active in the year 2020 and not its date of birth. If you want to know the exact names and numbers of your birth angels you can request them here »

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