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What is Tu BiShvat?

B Shvat según la Cábala / Tu B´Shvat according to Kabbalah

Connect with the power of the Tree of Life on Tu BiShvat. This holiday is an opportunity to ask Hashem that we, too, bear sweet and good fruit in the New Year of the Trees. According to the Zohar, the physical manifestation of this is that many trees begin bearing fruit from Tu BiShvat.

Month of Tevet


Tevet is the tenth month in the Jewish calendar. It is a month of prayer and fasting, as well as a remembrance of historical events that took place. It celebrates the victory of the Israelites over the Assyrians in 333 B.C. It is also the month of commemoration of the death of Nehemiah, the leader who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem.

Month of Kislev

Mes de Kislev / Month of Kislev

The month of Kislev witnesses the manifestation of two states of faith, one active and one passive (bitachon, trust). The miracle of Chanukah shows the active confidence of the Chashmonaim (Maccabim) in their ability to rise and fight against the Hellenistic empire and its culture.

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