Hidden Mysteries: Pests and Black Magic

Hidden Mysteries: Pests and Black Magic, InfoMistico.com

In the realm of the paranormal, each phenomenon veils as yet unrevealed mysteries regarding sudden infestations of insects in homes, offices, warehouses, and even churches. These often abrupt appearances may result from black magic practices intended to harm individuals, families, or groups.

How Insect Infestations Uncover Black Magic Practices in Homes and Offices

The techniques used by witches, warlocks, and sorcerers in black magic are diverse. One of them, according to the wisdom of occultism, involves spreading evil against enemies or specific individuals. For example, the distrust towards certain animals like lizards and flies, seen as carriers of gossip, can act as spies or messengers, conveying information to their masters.

Practitioners of these dark arts often turn to animals and insects for specific purposes, creating plagues that spread malevolence in certain places. The “burrs,” a term used to describe these beings that dwell in darkness and filth, usually manifest as plagues, creating an oppressive environment that can induce anger, apathy, depression, irritability, and even destructive thoughts. Even the bites of these beings can be carriers of diseases.

Each plague has a defined purpose, affecting individuals or families in various ways. A particular case like the presence of cockroaches is associated with misery and distress. These insects, historically linked with the underworld, are considered precursors of mental illnesses. Their association with filth and their resistance to eradication methods make them particularly disturbing.

Ants, Flies, and Bees

In the Context of Esotericism and Black Magic

Ants, on the other hand, symbolize hard work, but as a plague, they indicate envy. Biting black ants suggests the presence of spells aimed at harming the inhabitants of a house. If small, they may reflect economic envies and generate conflicts.

Flies, common in tropical climates, take on a special meaning when their number is excessive. Representing corruption and evil in various cultures, their appearance is linked to black magic and the creation of discord and family problems. Their connection with diabolical figures in religious texts like the Bible reinforces their association with dark forces.

Bees, symbols of order, work, and cooperation, whose honey symbolizes preservation and sweetness, take on a different meaning in esotericism when they are presented as a plague. This anomaly is associated with the presence of spirits, invoked by witchcraft and magic practices, aimed at disturbing the peace of their victims. Due to their connection with gods and royalty, bees are considered intermediaries between the spiritual and material worlds, acting as carriers of spirits.

Meanwhile, wasps, similar to bees, are often linked with spirits that provoke family betrayals. These insects, like bees, are interpreted in a spiritual context beyond their physical existence.

Worms, Toads, and Spiders

Impact on Health and Well-being

Worms, commonly associated with evil and the loss of material goods, tend to manifest in environments of decomposition. These pests, unpleasant and resistant to conventional extermination methods, require deep cleaning with chlorine and alcohol for eradication.

Toads, despite their crucial role in ecological balance, are used in black magic practices to perform complex spells, particularly those affecting health. In some European cultures, they are considered bearers of death or destructive spirits due to their physical characteristics and secretions.

Spiders, beneficial in homes for their mosquito diet, when found in plagues, indicate the presence of spells aimed at hindering progress or making significant decisions, such as starting projects or making significant investments.

As for fleas, their appearance in the absence of pets or rodents suggests the influence of black magic, to attract misery. Additionally, their presence often triggers diseases and creates an environment of unhealthiness and despair.

Lice, Ticks, and Rodents

Indicators of Conflicts and Curses

Lice, parasites linked with poverty and loss of goods, socially isolate those affected by the infestation, as their surroundings tend to distance themselves to avoid contagion.

Ticks, associated with dominant individuals and red magic – given their blood-feeding nature – can indicate conflicts like divorces, separations, and the onset of serious illnesses.

Mice and rats feared and loathed in many cultures, are associated in early Christianity with the devil and death. These rodents symbolize misery, especially when they appear in plagues capable of devastating crops in days. Their presence is often interpreted as an omen of dark times and hardships.

As for snakes, especially those common in gardens or hunting mice, their appearance as a plague is seen as a sign of active spells. According to esoteric beliefs, their presence suggests the existence of constant obstacles in the lives of those affected.

Animals and Positive Energies

Identifying Signs of Good Fortune and Protecting Your Home from Maleficent Plagues

However, not all animals approaching homes or workplaces carry negative energies. Some, like butterflies forming cocoons in specific places in the house, or crickets and katydids (green grasshoppers), are considered bearers of good luck and positive energy.

To determine if an infestation is a sign of something more than a physical problem, it is important to observe certain concurrent symptoms.

If the presence of these plagues is accompanied by bad luck, conflicts, accidents, appliance breakdowns, nightmares, inexplicable pains, nausea, the emergence of earth mounds at entrances, persistent disorder, restlessness, anxiety, or negative thoughts, spiritual cleansing measures are recommended.

The use of holy water is essential in cleaning homes affected by these plagues. After physically eliminating the plague, deep cleansing with holy water and salt, preferably exorcised, is advised. Burning copal incense or smudging with white sage and rosemary, as well as boiling rue with a head of garlic for cleaning furniture and frames, are recommended practices.

Prayer according to each person’s religious beliefs is important in these cases. In Christianity, it is recommended to recite Psalm 91 and the devotion to Saint Michael the Archangel with strength and conviction. Additionally, keeping the house free from unnecessary accumulations and changing the arrangement of furniture and decorations every twenty-two days to facilitate the flow of energy is advised.

These practices and beliefs reveal how, in esotericism, plagues and animals are interpreted as signals of forces and hidden practices that can influence daily life, and how certain actions can help restore balance and harmony.