Chinese Horoscope 2024 by Ludovica Squirru

Chinese Horoscope 2024 by Ludovica Squirru,

February 10, 2024, marks the commencement of the Year of the Wood Dragon in the Chinese Horoscope, a period extending until January 28, 2025, making way for the Wood Snake. This cycle, a part of the Eastern zodiacal wheel, is pivotal as it concludes a 120-year phase, symbolizing a fundamental shift for humanity.

2024: Year of the Wood Dragon – Ludovica Squirru

Ludovica Squirru, in conversation with Clarín, underscores that this year is decisive, marking the end of an era characterized by confusion and uncertainty. The Wood Dragon arrives, as an emblem of radical transformation: death and rebirth, a watershed in history.

In her new publication, “Chinese Horoscope 2024: Wood-Dragon,” Squirru unfolds predictions for each sign, delving into the nuances of this epoch.

The Wood Dragon: Between Enlightenment and the Revolution of Consciousness

She perceives that this unique year brings an evolution in the collective consciousness, a call to balance humanism and technology.

She highlights that in this new era, permeated by the Dragon’s influence, there isn’t a single correct path. The diversity of life paths opens before us, inviting unprecedented personal and collective reinvention.

This transformation process is not isolated but part of a global movement, where the synergy between East and West plays a crucial role. Squirru emphasizes that the Wood Dragon not only brings staggering revelations but also purifies and prepares humanity for a new dawn.

Year of the Wood Dragon: Social Balance and Environmental Awareness

A shift towards greater social equilibrium is anticipated, reducing disparities between classes.

This year, marked by the wood element, brings to the forefront the urgency of addressing global environmental deterioration. Wood, according to Ludovica, symbolizes life’s rebirth, highlighting the need for authentic sustainability. Reforestation and ecological care gain vital importance against economic ambitions that have harmed our planet.

Preparations for the Chinese New Year According to Ludovica Squirru

Reflecting on her experiences in China during the Year of the Earth Dragon, Ludovica Squirru shares traditions preceding the lunar new year. Beyond celebrations and the iconic Dragon Dance, she emphasizes the value given to ending cycles.

Chinese people focus great attention on cleaning and organizing their homes before the New Year, eliminating unnecessary or harmful objects. This practice is not only physical but also spiritual, including preparing altars to honor ancestors.

Ludovica underlines the importance of these rituals, suggesting that true awakening requires silence and distance from everyday chaos, allowing a deeper connection with oneself and with vital life decisions.