Ludovica Squirru Predictions

Ludovica Squirru Predictions,

The expert in Chinese astrology comments on her predictions for the coming year, as well as her vision of the times to come. After the scratches of the year of the Tiger, the Water Rabbit prepares for the arrival of the Dragon, which heralds the real change of cycle.

Ludovica Squirru Year 2023 Predictions — Water-Rabbit Chinese Zodiac

Chinese horoscope specialist Ludovica Squirru Dari predicts what energies will flood the coming year. The Water Rabbit, successor to the feline, but with traits of its own, begins on January 22, 2023, completing the year of the Water Tiger.

The rabbit, according to her new book, Chinese Horoscope 2023: Water-Rabbit, will “bring its magical influence to bear on new dreams and utopias” in her new book, Chinese Horoscope 2023: Water-Rabbit and the diary with the same theme.

From the tiger to the rabbit, surfing the wave

“I already predicted that this year would be the last year we would see the wreck and that the tiger would eat and swallow us whole. And the truth is, I’m not sure if my predictions were accurate or not…” she describes her vision of the future in her statement.

In the book, the astrologer notes that January 2023 will be the most karmic month of the Year of the Tiger and that “we are surfing the biggest wave of the Year of the Water Tiger.”

“According to Chinese astrology, one animal rules each month. January of the year of the Tiger 2023 is the month of the Buffalo (not until January 22 does the year of the Rabbit begin). When the buffalo and tiger collide, it almost causes a galaxy war, as I predicted in 2021.”

It shows with the changes

Because of all that is happening in the world – including the new geopolitics triggered by Putin’s invasion of Russia and all that is already happening on a global scale – it is clear that things are getting worse for those of us who are still alive.

For the tiger has scratched and mauled us repeatedly and unpredictably. There was always some degree of predictability, but there is no way to plan for the modern world.

People feel disenfranchised, perplexed, uneasy and directionless. In addition, the rabbit will continue to divert our attention – both positively and negatively – with art, a resurgence of artistic talent, concerts, music and fashion…

And strategies for adapting to a new life with the scarce resources people will have, such as direct bartering. Because the rabbit possesses magic, creativity and the arts.

The tiger will not stop until the year of the rabbit arrives, which, unfortunately, will not start for a few months due to all this systemic movement on a global scale. Because the beginning of the year of the rabbit doesn’t magically make all this change.

However, the rabbit will begin to give us advice, consciously or unconsciously (through dreams, friends, etc.), so that we prepare ourselves for 2024, the year of the Wooden Dragon, which means a before and after in the history of mankind.

The trail of the white rabbit

These two years (2022 and 2023) are times of transition, according to Ludovica, especially the year of the rabbit because it offers “the possibility of a real transmutation.”

And she uses Alice in Wonderland as an example to illustrate her point.

She had the option of living a life she didn’t want, full of obligations, dating a man she wasn’t enthusiastic about, getting married and starting a family. Alternatively, she could embark on her true initiatory journey by following the white rabbit that led her down the hole, changing herself and making the necessary quantum leap.

Sometimes one questions the phrase “I dare, I dare not.” For example, you may get tired of your job and declare, “If I quit, I have nothing and I have no idea how I’m going to survive.”

But I do it because I know I can’t go on living like this because I’m running out of time and I can reinvent myself. Or a relationship that drags on and I’m not sure if I should end.

“Since no one is saved, the rabbit serves as a kind of passport to the true reality of what humanity will have to endure. Moreover, it could undergo a momentous change.”

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse

The rabbit (2023), which follows the tiger (2022) and serves as a precursor to the dragon (2024), warns that the energies associated with water will bring, for example, “kidney infections, diseases, plagues, new viruses… Above all, because of the whole drama of global flooding”.

He also draws a parallel between fires and “the fire that devours us”. I always talk about the earth with its earthquakes, earthquakes and volcanoes, which are the four horsemen of the apocalypse unleashed.

Nature is enraged because it is the result of our fury; in other words, the only thing poor, damaged nature does is reveal the damage we have done to it and whether we like it or not, the planet will survive without humans. Because we have gone beyond the point where we could have preserved everything…

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