Superstition flies in house

Superstition flies in house,

Considered impure animals and aligned with evil by the demon Beelzebub, their name derives from “Ba’al Zebûb” or “Beelzebub”, a title that means “Lord of the Flies”, one of the most important demons among the seven princes of hell (being the one that represents the sin of gluttony).

Superstitions, flies, blowflies, blowflies, or gnats

The superstitions are born around this insect because the demon Beelzebub and others were considered gods to them.

They were offered large quantities of meat from their sacrifices and these decomposed and as it was not collected, large clouds of flies and insects settled around these gods and their temples.

Also known as the protagonists of the fourth plague of Egypt that God sent for the Pharaoh to free the Jews and represented this story in Exodus (8:20,8:21,8:22, 8:24,8:29,8:31).

Flies and blowflies are considered since that time emissaries of bad luck. Since then, the Egyptians began to give different types of interpretations to this insect…

Superstitions small flies

When flies get sticky it is a sign of impending rain.

The fly portends good luck if it enters the house during the winter, so don’t kill it or your luck will change.

Another symbol of good luck is if it lands inside any beverage we are about to drink.

If a fly lands on the nose, the news will be received.

Flies on the back of a hand indicate an upcoming marriage engagement or renewal of vows.

An unexpected invasion of flies in a house is an announcement that there will soon be a new baby in the family. This plague is related to Baphomet, the pagan god of fertility.

On Saint Sebastian’s day the fly from hell comes out (proverb: “San Sebastián primero, veinte de enero“).

Superstitions of the blowfly

The blowfly is an insect that represents the energy of nature, which warns you with its proximity and sound that something is happening in your aura and that something is very wrong and requires some energetic cleaning. If a blowfly enters your house, it is supposed to foreshadow an upcoming misfortune.

It can be avoided by killing the insect.

If a blowfly flutters around a light it announces bad weather.

A person’s face grazed by a blowfly is believed to be a warning that he or she will die soon.

Shamans say…

That the blowfly is the soul of someone who has passed away.

If a blowfly enters the room of someone who is sick, after a while they mourn him for dead since it is said that they are the souls of the relatives who come for him.

When they come to the drunkenness, they also say that they are the relatives who come to get drunk and to drink, even, when the blowflies appear, the first jar of chicha is poured so that caciques and deceased relatives drink.

During lunchtime, if they drink “Chicha“, they put their fingers in the first vase and splash the deceased with holy water, saying “pu am“, which is a toast to the souls.

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