First sunday of the month ritual

This Sunday, September 4, 2022, the first Sunday of the month you can attract money in perfect peace and harmony. You will need 1 tablespoon of grain salt and a bowl of glass…

Ritual first Sunday of every month for more money

The glass is filled with water. Mix the water with the salt and let it rest for an hour, then with that salt water we rinse our hands, it is not just a matter of putting them in the water, we have to rinse our hands with that water and then we say this prayer:

“The salt is protective and will help me to multiply my money and never lack in my home”

Do NOT dry your hands with any object, you have to shake them, clap your hands, clap your fingers!

You have to make noise, it’s like when the bells ring, there are good vibrations that are activated.

When their hands are no longer wet, they go about their day like any other and it doesn’t matter if they have to get their hands wet or not.

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