First sunday of the month ritual

First sunday of the month ritual,

This Sunday, October 1, 2023, is the first Sunday of the month when you can attract money in perfect peace and harmony. You will need 1 tablespoon of grain salt and a glass bowl…

Ritual first Sunday of every month for more money

Fill the glass with water. Mix the water with salt and leave it for an hour. Then with this salty water, we wash our hands it’s not just putting them in the water, we have to wash our hands with this water and then say this prayer:

“This salt is protective and will help me to multiply my money and never lack in my home”

You must not dry your hands. Shake them, clap, and snap your fingers!

Make a lot of noise when bells ring, to activate good vibrations.

When your hands are dry, you can continue doing what you were doing. It doesn’t matter if you have to wet your hands again.

Benefits of salt on a spiritual level

Salt is a mineral commonly used in cooking and many other aspects of daily life. Although it is known primarily for its culinary and medicinal properties, it has also been associated with some spiritual benefits.

Salt has purifying and protective properties and has been used in ceremonies and rituals in many cultures for centuries. Some of the spiritual benefits attributed to salt include:

  • Purification: traditionally to purify the body and spirit. Purification ceremonies in many cultures and some people consider that they can help release negative energies and protect against evil spirits.
  • Protection: as a talisman of protection in many cultures. It can help protect against the evil eye and other evils.
  • Connectivity with the earth: as a natural mineral found in the earth, its use can help connect with the energy and wisdom of Mother Earth.
  • Balance and harmony: in ceremonies and rituals to promote balance and harmony in the body and spirit. Helping to balance emotions and promote peace and tranquility.

Salt is only one of many elements used in the spiritual world and each person has their own experience and perception of its benefits. Find what works best for you and be aware of any health problems or medications that may interfere with the use of salt.

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