Salt and witchcraft

Salt and witchcraft,

The evil eye spell, to which various illnesses are attributed in both children and adults, is the most feared. The most effective way to repel it is by pouring grains of wheat, charcoal and salt while reciting a spell.

The use of salt and witchcraft

They say that God is in the details. And so is the devil. The witches of the Iberian Peninsula have known this since the earliest times.

Headache? bad omen? Does stomach ache? vision problems? no appetite? abundant female blood during this phase of the moon? constipation problems? catarrh? unpleasant love? man or woman betraying another? family conflicts? girls who were pregnant, but did not want the child? toothache? dizziness?

Well, they have the necessary knowledge to treat any disorder that a man or woman may suffer from.

The importance of salt

Thanks to the importance given to salt, it was believed to possess supernatural abilities and was often used in magical rituals. Its main purpose was to counteract the influence of evil spirits.

During the feasts of the devil and witches, salt is simply absent. It has been one of the enchanted objects used to combat evil spirits, witchcraft, sorcery and other negative influences.

It also protects against negative influences in the fields. It has been used to send the souls of the departed back to earth and give them comfort in purgatory, preventing them from entering the afterlife.

It is common practice to place a plate of salt on the belly of the deceased at the wake of a corpse to prevent it from bursting even if it swells. The plate of salt is also often placed under the coffin for the same reason and sometimes, in addition to the salt, open scissors are placed.

Evil Eye

The evil eye spell, which is said to cause all kinds of illnesses in both adults and children, is the most feared. Casting lots with grains of wheat, charcoal and salt while reciting an incantation is the most effective way to repel it.

As a preventive measure, children susceptible to this evil have hung a bag with three grains of wheat, a large amount of salt and a small amount of bread.

A crumb of bread with a grain of salt inside is placed between the clothes to protect a particularly attractive young child from receiving the evil eye.

There is no rational explanation for the two superstitions held in some villages: borrowing salt brings bad luck and putting a cross of salt on the door or making a cross in the air with handfuls of salt drives away evils.

Salt is used for defense

Warding off the evil eye, removing envy and keeping enemies at bay. It can fit in a small bag that you can put in your purse. In a miniature bottle or suspended… Put it around your photo. Put the salt under a visitor’s chair to keep bad energy from spreading through your home.

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