Energy Vampires Characteristics

Energy Vampires Characteristics,

Do you feel exhausted after interacting with certain people? You might be dealing with energy vampires. Learn to identify these energy takers, discover their telltale characteristics and protect your electromagnetic field. Don’t let them steal your vitality; get informed now and regain your energy.

Identifying Energy Vampires and Regaining Your Energy

There are gatherings with friends, colleagues, or family that fill us with energy and joy. However, sometimes talking or meeting with someone leaves us tired and unmotivated without knowing why. The explanation lies in our energetic interaction with other people.

Every human being has an electromagnetic field, or aura, that surrounds their body and affects how they feel physically. This field interacts with those around us. We can send and absorb energy from others, usually unconsciously.

Energy Givers

These are people who, due to their character and personality, provide more energy than they take.

Interacting with them revitalizes, cheers and fills you with joy. They are full of vitality, optimism and strength. Some become healers or have such a strong electromagnetic field that it affects the mood of many people from a distance.

An example is Mata Amritanandamayi, known as Amma, famous for her compassion and charitable works. Her hug and wisdom inspire and elevate those around her.

Energy Takers

These people absorb more energy than they give, as they need it for their sustenance.

Interacting with them often leaves us tired and sad. Although often unconscious, their behavior is designed to nourish themselves from our electromagnetic field. “Energy vampires” are the extreme of this group.

They leave us exhausted every time we interact with them, creating situations where they win and we lose energy. Their low self-esteem and need to win at the expense of others make them constantly drain our energy.

How to Identify Energy Vampires

Identifying these people is crucial to protect our energy. Here are some typical behaviors:

  • Constant criticism: They always talk about what they dislike and are unable to compliment anyone.
  • Forced laughter: Their laughter is unnatural and their greeting is weak.
  • Innate egocentrism: They show no interest in the feelings of others.
  • Indirect comments: They use passive-aggressive comments to express their true thoughts. For example, “The dress is beautiful, but it doesn’t look good on you.”
  • Penetrating gaze: They may try to influence our psyche with a fixed stare.
  • Evasive behavior: They avoid eye contact and give ambiguous answers.
  • Exploiter: They steal ideas and take credit for them.
  • Helpless: They always present themselves as victims to evoke compassion. If you are sick, they are worse off.
  • Fatalistic: They anticipate misfortunes and enjoy instilling fear.
  • Talkative: They talk nonstop, absorbing our vital energy.

Examples of Energy Vampires

You are happy and in a good mood; the phone rings and upon answering, someone starts telling you all their problems without caring about how you are.

This person unloads their negativity on you and ends the conversation feeling better, while you feel exhausted. Another example is someone who invites you for coffee but spends the entire time talking about their problems. In the end, this person feels revitalized while you feel drained and unmotivated.

Breaking the Vicious Circle

To protect ourselves from energy vampires, it is important to be aware of the situation. By recognizing what is happening, we can prevent others from absorbing our energy. Imagine a protective circle of light around you or simply decide not to let their negativity affect you.

Do not direct your energy towards the person in a way that leaves you feeling broken, sad, empty and dim.

Recharging Your Energy

The universe is an unlimited source of energy. Activities such as meditation, relaxation, yoga, or simply a walk in nature can recharge us. Imagining a stream of light recharging us is a step towards recovery.

Always Full of Energy

To stay full of energy, it is crucial to avoid those who drain our vitality and find ways to recharge every day. By knowing how energy vampires act and protecting ourselves from them, we can stay strong and positive.

Protection Against Energy Vampires

These people invade our lives, ignoring boundaries and creating drama. They constantly complain and air all the details of their problems. Identifying and protecting ourselves from their influence is essential to maintain our well-being.

Types of Energy Vampires

To break the habit of being the main course for those who seek to steal the energy of others, we must first be aware of the situation. There is no energy exchange if we are aware of what is happening.


They present themselves as a kind person who wants to “help” you, but in reality, they are stealing all your ideas to make them their own. Before you know it, they have studied all the details and you see your ideas stolen by them.


They always evoke pity and compassion from those around them. They are always worse off than you in any situation and whatever happens to you, happened worse to them.


They anticipate all kinds of misfortunes and enjoy instilling fear in others. They always see the terrible side of every situation and love creating drama.


They talk nonstop, absorbing the energy of those who listen to them. They force their friends or family to listen to them for hours, feeding on their vital energy.

Final Reflection

To always feel full of energy, we must avoid energy vampires and find ways to recharge every day. By knowing how they act and protecting ourselves from them, we can stay strong and positive.

Do not forget to check if you yourself, unintentionally, are part of this list and remember that every person can enter your life if you invite them in.

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