Human Electromagnetic Field

Human Electromagnetic Field,

A resonance effect can be experienced in the recipient’s body when a person’s magnetic field is intentionally oriented towards their well-being and combined with the Earth’s magnetic field.

The electromagnetic field of people

A malfunctioning electromagnetic field can be stopped and fixed in this way.

Every living being has a magnetic field that functions as a holographic energy pattern, a spatial waveguide that helps the organization and harmony of molecular and cellular processes within the body.

The material element of the body that we refer to as the body experiences a disturbance when these waves are distorted, which manifests as various symptoms of the disease. Human energy has a magnetic character and biological effects comparable to those of very strong magnetic fields.

Electrostatic charges

The process of electromagnetic equilibrium is probably the cause of the electrostatic charges perceived by the sender and, in some situations, by the receiver.

With the tools currently available to us, it is not yet possible to measure the subtle mechanisms that would be directly responsible for this event.

On the radio program Salvemos Una Vida, Spanish trainer Sonia García Quirós urged listeners to be aware of their emotions to make lasting changes.

“Every time we come into contact with someone’s life throughout the day, whether it’s a stranger or someone who serves you in a coffee shop, the way we treat them determines the way that person will treat others when they get home if we treat them badly. It’s like a shockwave, and you’ll pay for it at home,” he clarifies.

All your interactions with other people can be fantastic if you accept the responsibility to treat them with love, no matter what.

In this way, he invited others to reflect

Take a moment to reflect on yourself, not as a kind of punishment, but to determine areas in which you can improve.

“Before discovering your best self, you must first recognize your worst self, not to punish yourself, but to be able to change it. Holding yourself accountable, even if it takes work and repetition until this new way of becoming a habit, starts with becoming aware of what you don’t like and knowing what you are going to do to change it,” he added.

He went on to say that everyone can live the life they want; all it takes is the decision. Throughout the program, it was mentioned that to start over, it is always advisable to love and honor oneself:

The charm, he added, lies in the fact that one has done it all—good, bad, mediocre, and crap alike—and that one can create something new. It’s a shame that no one is aware of how simple it is to actively alter that resonance and change everything.

It’s always a wonderful day to start over, so today is a good day to forgive, love, and honor yourself, he said.

“The first person to stop being a judge is yourself,” he said. “You are your harshest judge. I can tell you that when you stop being cruel to yourself, you stop being mean to others.

Make everyone happy

In this regard, he stressed that the recipe for unhappiness—wanting to please everyone—must be avoided. He went on to say that quantum physics, also known to most people as the law of attraction, is a factor in this change.

Every time we experience an emotion, the brain releases electrical waves, and the heart releases magnetic waves.

Then, as a person has an electromagnetic field, it drives energy into the quantum field, also known as “the mind of God” or “the matrix,” and that information travels out into the universe and into the quantum field, where the heart becomes magnetized and attracts the driven.

And he said, “Take care of emotions because we don’t know how each person’s electromagnetic field interacts with the cosmos to generate opportunities, and that is achieved by recognizing the power of emotions.”

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