Biological Decoding Children

Biological Decoding Children,

Children feel as their own all the conflicts that arise in their environment, even if they are alien to them and even if they are not able to understand what is said verbally and they express these feelings using the means at their disposal.

Biological decoding of children – Why do children get sick?

We permanently engrave in our being all the details of our unique life experiences, starting with conception, gestation and birth.

The expectations imposed on us, the ideas we pick up or inherit and the psychogenic emotional inheritance of our ancestors are factors of our family experience and the clan to which we belong.

Survival is the fundamental ancestor and goal of neural networks.

Our brain cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined, symbolic, or psychologically fabricated. Everything has the same reality.

The brain is the hard disk of a computer

Which have established programs for the survival of the species, the survival of animals and the history of our family. Some programs start automatically the moment the computer is turned on, at birth.

The mother (or the person who takes her place) is the primary caregiver of young children (0 to 7 years old) in biological decoding. This is because they have a strong emotional bond with their mothers.

For the patient to be willing to let go of the disease, to grow from it, to release it, to leave it behind, to change their perspective on life and move on to their next experiences.

With information from Alexandra Rovetta, Licentiate in Psychology

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