Taking care of our children

The art of spiritual childcare. Nurture harmony, awareness, and inner connection in children, fostering their spiritual growth for a balanced and fulfilling future.

Bullying in Schools: Causes, Effects, and Prevention

Acoso Escolar

In the educational realm, school bullying presents a significant challenge. Characterized by repetitive and harmful behavior, bullying affects not only the victims but also the overall climate of schools. We will examine the various forms of school bullying, and its long-term consequences, and propose effective measures to combat it, thereby ensuring the well-being of all students.


The Abandoned Child Syndrome: A Silent Wound

Síndrome del Niño Abandonado / Abandoned Child Syndrome

While not officially recognized in many medical manuals, abandoned child syndrome is a tangible and painful reality many individuals grapple with. It transcends mere physical absence. It’s a profound lack of emotional and affectionate response that leaves lasting imprints on an individual’s psychological development, influencing their ability to connect with and trust others in their adult life.