Neurosis of Failure: Free Yourself and Achieve Success

Neurosis of Failure: Free Yourself and Achieve Success,

From the very first moments of our existence, an accumulation of memories and experiences of our previous generations is transferred to us. Many of these are negative situations that they did not know how to resolve and that, consequently become heavy backpacks that we carry throughout our lives.

The Ghost of Our Ancestors: Limiting Memories and Beliefs

These memories transformed into limiting beliefs are what give rise to invisible loyalties those hidden ties that bind us to our family.

In theory, they offer us a sense of identity and belonging; however, often their main objective is the survival of the clan and in the attempt, they can hinder our personal growth and development.

The Chains of Family Loyalty: The Neurosis of Failure

We are born with immense potential to succeed in all areas of our lives. But we often find ourselves struggling with the feeling of being small and insufficient, locked in a constant battle against the fear of failure.

This fear originates from the neurosis of failure, a kind of self-sabotage resulting from negative memories and messages inherited or acquired during our childhood.

The neurosis of failure, known as Class Neurosis, is a phenomenon that involves the family clan as if it were proclaiming itself the guardian of its status quo, hindering any attempt by its members to move towards a different destination.

The Burden of Guilt: Five Unconscious Motives

Unconsciously, we tend to carry burdens of guilt due to different situations. Some of the most common are:

  1. Feeling guilty for having let our parents down in some way.
  2. Feeling that we are a burden to them, due to the circumstances or the decisions they made in our lives.
  3. That we have betrayed our parents because of our life choices.
  4. Guilt for leaving home, especially in cultures where family togetherness and coexistence are valued.
  5. The unconscious refusal to overcome ourselves, to be happier or more successful than our parents.

These faults become heavy shackles that keep us anchored to situations of stagnation or dissatisfaction.

The Path to Liberation: Overcoming Guilt and the Neurosis of Failure

The key to overcoming the neurosis of failure lies in recognizing and confronting these faults.

It is necessary to identify in which areas of our lives we feel stuck or dissatisfied and how these areas relate to the faults we carry.

Then, it’s essential to be aware that our parents and ancestors did the best they could with the resources and knowledge they had. They are not guilty of our current circumstances, and neither are we victims.

This is a crucial aspect in freeing ourselves from any sense of guilt and taking responsibility for our lives.

Finally, it is useful to perform a symbolic act of liberation such as a ritual where our intention to let go of guilt is expressed, recognizing that it does not belong to us and that it does not correspond to our parents either.

This can be a powerful tool for transforming limiting beliefs and moving toward liberation and success.