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Bogifobia / Bogiphobia

Bogiphobia is defined as the extremely intense and unfounded fear of beings of unknown origin and based on legends, either supernatural (i.e., they have no similarity with our world and are not governed by the laws of nature) or imaginary (they simply do not exist, they are fictions, but they can resemble humans or come close to the world we know).

Contemptuous Personality Psychology

personalidad despectiva psicologia / dismissive personality psychology

Behind the contemptuous personality, there is more than just disdain. A desire to offend or belittle the achievements of others. In recent years, a behavior that, until recently, was somewhat neglected in the field of psychology, has been investigated in depth.

Denial Psychology

negacion / denial

Defense mechanisms are psychological tactics employed unconsciously by the ego to maintain equilibrium. Denial is the ability to assert something in speech or judgment with the caveat that it can be refuted by placing a negative before the assertion.

Happiness is U-shaped

La felicidad tiene forma de U

Numerous studies support the assumption that we are happier when we are in our twenties because we have goals, projects, ideas and challenges ahead of us. It never occurred to me that this was not the beginning of happiness… but happiness itself.

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