The Psychology of Esotericism and Mysticism delves into the deep bond between the human mind and the mystical. This branch examines how esoteric beliefs and mystical experiences influence our psyche, uncovering an intriguing intersection of science and spirituality.

The Power of Listening

Qué importante es que escuchemos atentamente a quien nos habla / How important it is that we listen carefully to those who speak to us

In a world full of noise, the ability to listen has become a lost art. Lucia, with her desire to build bridges of understanding, takes us on a journey through her personal experience. Through their eyes, we learn the importance of active listening and how it can open doors to effective communication.

Reflections and Thoughts

Iridology: Interpreting Health and Personality Through the Eyes

Iridology: the art of reading your eyes / La Iridología: el arte de leer tus ojos

In the art of Iridology, that is exactly what happens. This ancient science, which dates back to the time of the Egyptians, goes beyond the superficial to read the signals that our eyes send us. Whether we are dealing with a health problem or simply want to know more about our personality, Iridology offers us a fascinating and unique perspective

Mystical Curiosities

The Savior Syndrome

Síndrome del Salvador / Savior Syndrome

Discover The Savior Syndrome: a pattern of neurotic behavior that affects many people. Find out why offering too much help can be harmful, its origin in childhood, how it affects self-esteem and feelings of guilt. Find healthy ways of healing and personal growth.


Helping our children overcome teasing

Cómo ayudar a nuestros hijos a superar las burlas / How to help our children overcome teasing

While teasing in the context of a game can be harmless, teasing that causes harm can have a negative emotional impact on the affected person, making them feel sad, hurt or angry. In more serious cases, such as harassment or harassment, parents, caregivers, teachers or school administrators may need to intervene to end the situation and provide support to the victim.


Gates to our past lives

vidas pasadas / past lives

What importance do we attach to everyday encounters that are difficult to explain? In our daily lives, unusual things often happen to us that startle us, disturb us and are difficult to understand. It may be a sensation, a dream, or even a shiver.

Past Lives
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