Gates to our past lives

Gates to our past lives,

Through altered states of consciousness, how can we return to our past lives?

The doors to our past lives can be found through the Altered States of Consciousness, which is a powerful alternative. Numerous remedies guide us to these occasions using these altered states.

Past Life Regression Therapy, which allows us to investigate and learn more about who we were and, more significantly, who we are today, is perhaps the most significant.

Hypnosis, visualization, deep breathing and various combinations of these techniques are used to take us on a sensory journey that induces an alpha state. The initial stage of the journey is this procedure, which is known as induction.

Through this procedure, we just completely lose touch with reality and enter into a state of altered consciousness that takes us to the frontiers of our past lives.

During the initiation course

We are taken on a fantastic adventure that takes us to unexpected places and circumstances. This is achieved by using various visualization techniques. We gradually go deeper into the trance and reach an altered state of consciousness as we travel through this adventure.

Thus, we proceed to the Regression itself in the next stage. The process that begins after reaching the Gateway or Entrance that takes us to a Past Life has this as its most crucial step.

Depending on the style of therapy employed, this passage may look like this, like a doorway, or take on another aspect, like a pond, a mirror, or a hallway. What is known is that the Past Life we wish to investigate and know is on the other side.

With which past life should we begin our search?

How should we begin our search if we have so many past lives?

There are numerous approaches and tactics, but all follow the emotional-somatic bridge, which is a universal pattern. It serves as a link between the Past Lives that connect us to the current conflict, or the issue being investigated.

Each situation is likely linked to more than one existence, so it may lead us to a Past Life or numerous existences, one after the other. Karma has to do with the repetition of unlearned lessons in different incarnations.

To do this, the therapist aligns our subject with the Gate of our choice so that we can experience being taken back to the key events of that Past Life.

When we move the doors of our past, what do we see?

The initial feeling we have when we return to a past life is one of confusion as if we have no idea where we are. With the help of the therapist, we gradually become aware of our environment, our surroundings and, above all, who we are.

In other words, we associate ourselves with our past self, its circumstances and its environment. In this way, we can imagine that we are a particular man or woman experiencing the most significant events of his or her life.

They will go through what we went through, or what we felt before.

We will then talk about the crucial periods of their life, especially those that are relevant to our current problems and we will talk about the people who impacted us the most at those times.

We will then see that many of them are also fundamental to our present existence and, more importantly, we will see how similar many parts of their existence were to ours.

The death scene serves as the climax of the journey of that Past Life

This incident is crucial, as many of our problems or symptoms are related to the anguish we experienced at that very moment or in other dramatic circumstances throughout that existence.

After this experience, we often move on to the Space Between Lives or, failing that, to another life followed by another and so on, all of which have in common the repetition of the same circumstances over and over again over time.

Why would it be useful to know our past life?

Many people see it simply as an element of interest because they are very curious about our past. For others, it can be a solution, for people who are looking for and delving into solutions to circumstances and issues that keep repeating themselves.

The goal of past life regression therapy, which incorporates all the methods and tools mentioned above, is to better understand who we were and who we are today.

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