Gates to our past lives

Gates to our past lives,

What importance do we attach to everyday encounters that are difficult to explain? In our daily lives, unusual things often happen to us that startle us, disturb us and are difficult to understand. It may be a sensation, a dream, or even a shiver.

Finding the doors of our past life

The truth is that sometimes a person, a place, or a certain circumstance arouses in us something so “special” that it is difficult to articulate.

Some situations are objective, for which there will always be a solution and there are situations whose plot has to do with the subtle and has that power and mystique of the unfathomable.

Does our present life contain any traces of our previous incarnations?

We experience them constantly, yet we typically do not treat them with the respect they require because we must leave the sphere of logic and enter the realm of the subtle for them to reach that transcendence.

Then, since they imply the inexplicable, we must pay attention to impressions, experiences and circumstances that are difficult for us to define and understand.

These memories of our past, where are they to be found?

Because these vestiges are part of our daily lives and are mixed with the events and circumstances that make up our past, they are present in it.

They include memories of the past, déjà vu, dreams, pastimes from our youth and activities such as yoga, Reiki and meditation that help us enter altered states of consciousness.


These are impulsive flashes of memories or visions of past lives triggered by specific people, events, or places.

This particular circumstance occurs when someone, something, or a particular place we have probably never been to before, unexpectedly bursts upon us, conjuring up previously unseen memories from our Past Lives.

Déjà vu

How many times do we feel like we’ve already lived a scene when we’re going through one?

It can be very difficult to explain how or why, but it feels like we are watching the same movie all over again.

This feeling usually comes from our own need to repeat various mindsets. Sometimes, as in cases of déjà vu, it has to do with forgotten memories from our previous lives resurfacing when we encounter analogous circumstances in the present.


Past life dreams have several very definite qualities.

There are several that arise during our early teenage years and in them, we can see the following characteristics:

They are usually related to extraordinary circumstances and they recur from our earliest years of existence (fever, fear, distress, etc.).

The people, circumstances and scenarios in which the dreams take place almost always share the same qualities, with very few differences.

The scenario is set in the past and the characters and settings are ostensibly alien to us.

They differ from the other dreams we often have because of the intensity of their experience.

Another type of dream is those provoked by flashbacks, déjà vu and activities that put us in altered states of consciousness, such as past life regressions.

After these incidents, it is frequent that we have dreams related to them and that they bring back to our memory the places, things and people that we had observed at that moment.

Children’s games

Children’s memories contain experiences from previous lives.

They appear both in dreams and in the child’s primary means of expression, play and painting.

Through play, the child elaborates on both current events and the circumstances of his or her history that appear during those formative years.

When a past life regression is carried out, it is common to see that many of the most traumatic events experienced during the regression are represented by those childhood games, especially those played repeatedly throughout childhood.

Other techniques

Practices such as yoga, Reiki and meditation help us to enter altered states of consciousness. They have the power to evoke seemingly random images that allow us to reflect on events, places and people from our past lives.

These alpha states set them in motion and appear on their own.

In conclusion

If we pay attention and observe subtly while we step away from all rational thinking, we will see that just as we can activate our Past Lives through Regression Therapy, we can also find remnants of what we were in our previous lives in our daily life…