New Moon Angels Month of Tammuz

New Moon Angels Month of Tammuz,

Each month is represented by a zodiac sign and a planet, both created by a Hebrew letter. The Book of Formation explains that by meditating daily with the Hebrew letters that are specific to each month, we can plant the seeds we would like to attract into our life for the month.

Angels New Moon Month of Tammuz advice

In Hebrew, the month of Cancer is known as “Tammuz” and on these days the light of the Creator increases if we are not prepared to receive it and fill our vessel correctly, we may experience difficulties that will impact us for life.

But if we do the opposite, the blessing in us will be infinite.

This month is one of the three most difficult months of the year

According to the Zohar, the Shechinah, which is like the spiritual ozone layer that protects us throughout the year, ceases to be during the months of Cancer, Leo and Capricorn.

One of the goals for this month is to activate our consciousness, to know the blessings we have and avoid getting into a bad mood and avoid being reactive and pessimistic so as not to affect the rest of the year and our lives.

Sefer Yetzirah

The Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Formation) written by Abraham the Patriarch 3800 years ago says that the Hebrew letters are the DNA of the universe.

They are the physical representation of the energy forces that created everything from planets to galaxies. Make them your own, print them out, stick them on the wall, carry them with you at all times and do whatever it takes to make them part of your day. To have a month full of blessings.

New Moon Angels Month of Tammuz,

Angel Energy for the month of Tammuz

Angel 20 Pahaliah domicile from 5° to 10° of Cancer

To have victory over addictions. Any bad habits or negative character traits that we have not been able to get rid of, this angel will help us to eliminate them.

Always it is easier to succumb to reactive and selfish impulses than to act with tolerance and kindness towards others, especially when we are constantly harassed by irritating people. However, this is a battle that cannot be won by humans alone.

We need the assistance of the Creator’s Light if we are to reclaim control over our lives and release the power of our souls.

Remember victory we can make our own.

Angel Yerathel 27 rules by rotation from 7° to 8° Cancer

Have a silent partner. Everyone who comes into this world must choose a “silent partner”: the Dark Force or the Light of the Creator. Let us make our choice.

There are two types of wealth: spiritual and physical.

How these spiritual and physical assets are divided depends on the silent partner we choose, after all, every partner wants a piece of the action.

If we choose the dark force as our silent partner, it will allow us to keep 100% of the material wealth, but it demands 90% of our Spiritual Light, of which it will return 10% to us, in the form of some momentary gratification.

So, the dark force uses the remaining 90% of the Light to strengthen itself and wreak havoc in the world and our particular lives.

If the negative force belongs attached to our financial livelihood, eventually its influence will cause our good fortune to disappear. The silent partner effect implies that we always have one or the other with us.

Remember: the choice is ours.

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