Meaning of Sloth Totem

Sloth / Perezoso

The sloths remind us to seek and search for higher spiritual and spiritual knowledge. We should always strive for a higher spiritual sense and always be open to the spiritual world.

Archangel to find love

archangel to find love / arcangeles para encontrar el amor

The Archangels can help you find your soul mate or strengthen your relationship with your partner. All you need is an intention and a color associated with the Archangel you wish to invoke.

Kabbalah Weekly Astrology

Almas gemelas / Soulmates

This week, as the final days of Leo burn bright, our desire for the Light burns bright in our souls. We are awakened to all that is good, and we are inspired to obtain all the blessings life has to offer. We are given the gift of a willing heart and willing mind to follow the path of the Light…

Put laurel in your shoe ritual

put laurel in shoes / colocar laurel zapato

Because it is believed to bring luck, it is very common to put a Laurel in the Shoe, but what is the true significance of this strange custom? One of the oldest spells to draw money is one that some people believe will bring success in all facets of life, including love.