Angel Number 16 Hekamiah

Angel 16 Hekamiah

Hekamiah is recognized as the 16th Angel. Blessed with a vast wealth of imagination, it is capable of realizing the highest spiritual archetypes in ways that we can perceive. Its powerful and bright light serves as a beacon for those who decide to embark on the spiritual journey. It is the personification of pure wisdom, keen intuition and deep sensitivity.

Moon Phase Calendar June 2023

Fases Lunares / Moon Phases

Embark on a heavenly journey in June 2023! This month’s lunar cycle offers you a brilliant dance in the sky. Record the date: On June 18, the new moon whispers its silent beginning, and then, on June 4, the full moon dazzles with its overflowing radiance. It’s no secret that the moon can guide our daily lives. With our moon phase calendar for June 2023, you’ll be able to flow at this astronomical pace. Connect, learn and live in sync with the Moon and its magical lunar cycle.

Horoscope for June 2023

El sol en Géminis

June’s heavenly dance begins with a full Moon in Sagittarius, anticipating summer. Venus in Leo and Mercury in Gemini immerses you in a magnificent state of mind, where planning the most spectacular vacations is the main objective. Make the most of it, as Mercury in Cancer will bring a more serious tone to the festive atmosphere.

I need to get out of the world of unhappiness

mundo de la infelicidad / world of unhappiness

In the midst of the world of unhappiness, words become my compass and beacon. They guide me in the dark, they allow me to understand my pain and to envision a future where hope is possible. Although it seems like a prison, this world is actually a school where I learn about resilience and the capacity to love and laugh despite the circumstances. You are not alone on this journey, together we will find the way to happiness.

Chronic Diseases Biodecoding

Enfermedades Crónicas / Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases are a global health challenge. However, what if its origin were in our unresolved emotions and internal conflicts? Biodecoding offers a new perspective, proposing that our emotional and mental state can directly influence our physical health.

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