Signs affected Lunar Eclipse November 8

Signs affected Lunar Eclipse November 8,

This is related to something unusual, erratic, abrupt, tense, spasmodic, or compulsive. It is the planet of new ideas, new habits and new ways of living and when it touches an area of the natal chart, ideas of independence and freedom increase.

The tension that has been very present throughout the year will be activated with this eclipse because the first aspect that the Moon makes after separating from Uranus is the quadrature with Saturn, which transfers light from one planet to another.

Despite ruling the same sign, they are two opposing planets. Saturn represents stability, conservatism, structure, tradition, old-fashioned, constrictive, laborious, limited, obstacles and all that is organized, structured, measured, or controlled.

As opposed to the destructive planet Uranus, his house of Aquarius is where he has a very powerful influence.

Such can be interpreted as issues related to technology, electricity and airplanes, as well as all issues related to economics and technology, as well as ancient versus modern methods and ancient behaviors versus modern methodologies and can occur everywhere.

Telluric and climatic phenomena

Because it is an eclipse, we will also associate it with telluric and climatic phenomena, as well as accidents involving many people.

In those days, it will be important to pay attention to unforeseen reactions, as there may be moments of uneasiness and apprehension, as well as emotional exhaustion, since there will be a tendency to act impulsively and unexpectedly, to sudden changes of mood.

The feeling of confusion most indicative of this stage is tinged with a sense of impatience or rebelliousness, as well as a sense of longing and melancholy for the stages one feels one is leaving behind.

Crucial to remember is that eclipses are not always bad. They highlight focused problems (they can get better or worse) and their effects do not always manifest themselves immediately but can occur over up to six months.

Lunar eclipse of November 8, 2022: how it will affect each sign of the zodiac

Eclipses can also be conjunct a natal planet, forcing us to re-examine issues associated with that planet.

When an eclipse conjuncts the natal Moon, we may recall events from our past, which tends to send us back in time in search of people or things we believe we can use or apply to the current circumstance.

In world astrology, the effect of an eclipse affecting the natal charts of countries and cities is always the most noticeable. On a personal level, however, we can say that at that moment we will be devoting time and effort to the vital sphere associated with the house where the eclipse occurs.

The secret is to accomplish more during the eclipse’s period of influence

Due to changes beyond our control, we may have to work harder than usual, but we should try to avoid starting crucial new projects three days before and three days after the eclipse.

Instabilities may occur during this time, known as the “shadow of the eclipse.” Anything that begins with an eclipse could be challenging. Try to avoid making significant decisions or initiating important actions.

Since eclipses are “activating” configurations, some people with sensitive points in the second deanery of the fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Leo) will go through times of change, movement, or transformation, as well as deal with challenging circumstances.

The conjunction of Saturn and Uranus does not mean times of stability and can bring about many changes, especially unforeseen ones. As a result, things can get out of control at times.

Uranus is known as “the alarm clock” and often causes things to take a 180-degree turn. These natives may also see it as an opportunity to move forward, albeit possibly under difficult or demanding conditions.

Quadratures are difficult and nothing worthwhile does not require effort. It will be beneficial to practice yoga, meditate and take long nature-inspired walks. Gemini and Libra, two other Air signs in the second deanery, are organized and secure thanks to Saturn in Aquarius…