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Put laurel in your shoe ritual

put laurel in shoes / colocar laurel zapato

Because it is believed to bring luck, it is very common to put a Laurel in the Shoe, but what is the true significance of this strange custom? One of the oldest spells to draw money is one that some people believe will bring success in all facets of life, including love.

Lucky lottery numbers for each star sign

Lucky lottery numbers for each star sign / Números de la lotería de la suerte para cada signo zodiacal

Discover the most favorable zodiac signs to combine in your group if you participate in a lottery pool with friends and family. Horoscopes have been used as a major decision-making tool by both powerful individuals and common people for thousands of years.

Aquarius Full Moon

Luna Llena en Acuario, Agosto 2022

This Full Moon in Aquarius is a reminder that we all have a diamond within us, and that when we come together as a group to polish that diamond, we find that our diamonds will shine brighter.

Sturgeon full moon meaning

Sturgeon Full Moon Meaning / Luna Llena de Esturion

The August full moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon and we tell you what its spiritual significance is, according to astrology. It will be the last supermoon of the year, which means that it will reach its closest point to the Earth and will appear larger than usual.

Super Full Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius Full Moon / Luna Llena en Acuario

The August Super Full Moon, as the year’s final Super Moon, may also bring us closure or guide us to a decision point on our journey. We might now know exactly which way to go. We may now know which route we must take to reach our desired destination.

Uranus Mars conjunction

Planeta Urano / Planet Uranus

A few days ago, there was a conjunction between Mars and Uranus, in the sign of Taurus, coincidence that the two stars were placed in a cosmic state “fall”, in this zodiacal band, and thus changed the energies of both.