Solstice Dec 21: Night and Day at Earth’s Extremes

Solstice Dec 21: Night and Day at Earth’s Extremes,

On December 21st, the Solstice, an astronomical phenomenon occurs where the sun seems to pause, bathing us in its full spectrum of energy. At this time of year, some experience the longest night, while others enjoy the lengthiest day. Regardless of our geographical location, we all have access to the extraordinary energies of this moment.

Winter and Summer Solstice, December 21st

According to beliefs, during the Solstice, the veil between dimensions thins, and the planet’s energy grid harmonizes. It’s an auspicious time to connect with angelic and galactic realms, facilitating personal changes in sync with the seasonal shift.

The December Solstice coincides with the Sun’s entry into the zodiac sign of Capricorn, an earthy, disciplined, and grounded sign. These energetic qualities are what we can cultivate in ourselves during this period.

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is associated with the ancient pagan festival of Saturnalia. Many Saturnalia traditions, like gift-giving and decorating pine trees, continue to this day.

The Dark Night of the Soul in the Northern Hemisphere

December 21st plunges us into the shortest day and the longest night of the year. These extended hours of darkness invite us into the “Dark Night of the Soul,” a period of retreat to listen to our being’s subtleties.

Sometimes, it’s in the darkness where we feel most comfortable being authentic. Under the sun’s glare, we often feel exposed and pressured to act or be a certain way. But in solitude and darkness, we face our deepest truths.

This time of year is an opportunity to step away from the spotlight and sit with our inner truth, without the need to explain or define it. In darkness, our emotions can shine, allowing us to hear our emotional voice.

Dark Night of the Soul Ritual

  • Your ritual for this night involves sitting in darkness.
  • Turn off the lights and allow yourself to be in a dark room.
  • Observe how you feel in the darkness, practicing being comfortable in your body and letting thoughts pass without engaging them.
  • After this introspective moment, take a relaxing bath with oils and salts, cleansing any thoughts or feelings you wish to leave behind.

The dark night of the soul is a time for rest and contemplation. Be kind to yourself and dedicate time to getting to know yourself away from the world’s spotlight.

Celebrating Light in the Southern Hemisphere: A Summer Rebirth

Embracing the Solstice: A Call to Shine

The December Solstice marks the beginning of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, the season of light! It’s a time to show oneself as is, shed fears, and let one’s brightness emerge without restrictions.

Forget about limiting yourself, playing it safe. The time has come to leap forward and celebrate the achievements amassed over the years. Life isn’t always sunny, but the Universe gives us the longest day of the year to remind us that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Even when circumstances may seem grim, this state is temporary. There’s always a path to rediscover light, no matter how dark or deep the challenge. The light will shine again, reminding us of the beauty and abundance life has to offer.

When the Sun shines brightly, we feel a ray of clarity piercing our lives. We understand what truly matters and where we want to focus our time.

What motivates and drives us may be subject to review at this time, as under the summer sun of Capricorn, we are guided to align our motivations with our highest truth and the call of our soul.

Nurturing the Spirit and Recharging the Soul

In this season, we are invited to reflect on what nourishes our spirit and recharges our soul. Moreover, the Universe offers opportunities to do just that, harnessing the power of the Sun.

As the Sun shines brightly on the longest day, make sure to spend time outdoors, connecting with nature. Swim in its oceans, immerse yourself in its forests, walk among its wildflowers, and connect with the energy of creation. Feel the warmth of the Sun illuminating your being and know that, like all nature, the sun’s rays can transform, nourish, and inspire creation.

Ritual to Celebrate the Light

  • For your ritual, go outside and sit in a comfortable, shaded spot. Bring a journal and a pen with you.
  • While seated, be present and observe everything around you. If it helps, identify five things that stand out to you. Pause while you contemplate each of these things.
  • Once you have allowed this presence to enter, take your pen and paper and begin to draw or write. Let your creativity flow uncensored and unrestricted.
  • Then, when you feel your creative juices settling, close your eyes, place your hand on your heart, and set an intention for yourself, for others, for the planet, and for the Universe.

The celebration of light is a time to celebrate all that you are. It’s a moment to show yourself as you are and allow your true self to shine. Be bold, daring, and creative on this day. Try something new, attempt something different, and remember that light always lives within you.

With information from Tanaaz