Winter Solstice Alfonso Leon

Winter Solstice Alfonso Leon,

On December 21, the northern hemisphere will experience the winter solstice and the southern hemisphere the summer solstice. Consequently, the day will be shorter, the night longer and temperatures lower, making this the coldest season of the year.

Winter Solstice by Alfonso Leon

It is a lunar time, a period of intense emotions during which your inner energies are concentrated.

Families and friends often come together in search of marriage. Both the completion of projects and the resumption of the natural cycle are celebrated with the joy and warmth of people. The winter season encompasses both the beginning and the end.

When the Sun aligns perfectly with the galactic center, a special energetic movement will occur and a new journey through each of the 12 astrological eras will begin.

Ying energies are abundant at the Winter Solstice

They promote happiness, peace and love. In the Western world, it is customary to celebrate a holiday in honor of the spirit of Christmas. This spirit can balance the energy it receives from Mother Nature and is represented as an old man wearing a pointed cone-shaped hat.

Originating in ancient Celtic culture, where wise men had extraordinary knowledge of the forces that governed the weather and the earth. That which brings joy, peace and mercy is a divine spirit.

Denotes that you are entering a period of awakening during which you must heal, forgive, change and move forward. It is now necessary to detach yourself from your negative emotions, purify yourself and fill yourself with love, joy and the spirit of progress to live a harmonious, joyful and prosperous life during this period of change.

You must thank God, your divinities and your ancestors for what you are and what you possess. You have to change and adapt.

Winter Solstice Rite

Perform a winter solstice cleansing to prepare your home for the strength and fresh energies of the coming year. Make special preparations to welcome this magnificent spirit as a family.

Thoroughly go through, tidy up your workspace and get rid of everything unnecessary.

Decorate the space with candles, orange candles, flowers and mandarin incense to dedicate and purify the celebration.

Take advantage of this night to fill your home with blessings and positive energies by opening all doors and windows. The Christmas spirit is the first guest at this gathering. You are opening your home and your heart to him and all the richness he possesses.

Connect with all the extraordinary strength of winter and honor this divinity in peace.

Perform prosperity affirmations every day, morning, noon and night, for the rest of the year, using the three processes of healing, prosperity and gratitude. For example:

  • I let go of all my past mistakes (healing and forgiveness phrases to perform in the morning).
  • I help make the world a better place (Prosperity phrase to be performed in the afternoon).
  • I appreciate what I have (Gratitude, love and blessing phrases).

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