Uterus biodescodification

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Today we will talk about the uterus, the symbolic and vital organ for human and mammalian reproduction. The uterus has a body, fundus and cervix that we can say is a mouth.

Biodescodification of the uterus – Emotional conflicts that affect them

The uterus is about 7.5 cm long, 5 cm wide and about 2.5 cm thick, it is made of elastic tissue, which allows it to expand during pregnancy. Its function is to store the fertilized egg and promote the perfect and safe development of the fetus.

In the uterus, there is the inner zone that connects it to the fallopian tubes and the outer zone that connects it to the vagina. But that is not all, the uterus is further subdivided into layers.


Is the upper rear part of the uterus, in the “upper back of the uterus” and the flaccid and soft tissue, which extends along the sides of the uterus, is called “parametrium”.


The myometrium is formed mainly by smooth muscle tissue that is located inside the uterus and in case of protrusion to the outside of the uterus and combined with the external tissue, it can cause a thickening of the uterus itself, which is called: adenomyosis.


The mucous layer is renewed in each menstrual cycle if there is no fertilization. It is the portion of tissue that, in the absence of pregnancy, disintegrates during menstruation.

Uterus is home

Learn this simple and easy phrase, because it will be the one that will give us the primordial clue to any problem in the uterus.

UTERUS IS HOME. Well, very easy… But why?

Our brain understands, knows and understands, that the uterus is the one that will house, shelter, care for and protect that new being that will come someday on the way.

“It is the house of the children.”

The first home of any child. Our first home. And all the conflictology that has occurred with the uterus, will always be related to the word home.

  • What happens at home
  • What’s missing at home
  • What I hate at home
  • What’s missing at home
  • The house I don’t have
  • The house I long for
  • The house that has been taken away from me
  • The house that has been invaded
  • The house that’s falling apart
  • The house I can’t get
  • The people who live at home
  • Those who have left home
  • Those who have come home
  • Relationships between members of the household
  • Etc.

Everything, everything, everything, everything that has to do, really and symbolically, with home, MY HOME.

The unconscious, biological, animal, basic and archaic brain has known for generations and generations, human and animal, that its uterus is “home”. The first moment I, as a woman, experience an emotion related to “home”, my brain will understand “uterus”.

With that basic information, we can solve any problem in the uterus, because when we “discover” what happened at home or home, we will find the changes we must make to heal our uterus.

The details

Let’s suppose that I live my life very happily, that I enjoy everything and that one day when I go to the doctor, he tells me that I have something in my ENDOMETRIUM.

Whether he diagnoses me with endometriosis or hyperplasia, or he tells me that I have a prolapse, the truth is the same, because finally, the emotional conflicts that have produced ANY DIAGNOSIS in my uterus, will be related to my “home”.s human and animal, knowing that their uterus is “home”. The first moment I, as a woman, experience an emotion related to “home”, my brain will understand “uterus”.

With that basic information, we can solve any problem in the uterus, because when we “discover” what happened at home or home, we will find the changes we must make to heal our uterus.

When I present any symptom in the uterus

I should review which of the following emotions, emotional experiences, or emotional situations I have recently experienced or currently experience daily that I have been diagnosed with:

  • I consider that my family is not normal (in the area of family, reproduction and sexuality).
  • In the family, they consider that my behavior is not normal (in the area of family, reproduction and sexuality).
  • I have experienced sexual abuse, someone in the family has abused me, I have been abused but no one at home knows about it, someone at home has been abused and only I know about it, I have been abused but no one at home should know about it, etc.
  • There are problems at home, family members do not have a good relationship, there are many of us at home but, we are not very close, there are misunderstandings at home, there are uncomfortable silences at home, living in this house is crazy, living in this house is impossible, I can’t stand living in this house anymore, I can’t stay in this house anymore, etc.
  • I have lost a child (death, abortion, kidnapping, robbery, violence, etc.), my mother, my father and my grandchild.
  • One more child is missing at home, one more girl, one more boy, etc.
  • My son has already entered the school and I will no longer have him at home.
  • My grandson is grown up and I will no longer take care of him, he will no longer be at home.
  • Grandfather has died and we will no longer live at home.

All these previous possible experiences, which I as a woman may be suffering or have suffered, can damage my uterus.

  • If I as a woman have some kind of conflict with my sexuality, with my sexual life, it will most likely damage my endometrium.
  • As a woman I suffer from some act of sexual violence, it will most likely damage my cervix.
  • I am a mature woman and I am very afraid for my grandchildren I live only for them and if something happens to them or something in the normal routine changes, I will directly damage my uterus.
  • If I know what is at home, or I see at home, some kind of dirty or negative “sexuality” towards me or from a family member towards another family member, I will also damage my uterus.

Any problem in the uterus

Any problem in utero, presented by a woman who already has grandchildren, has a 90% chance of being an emotional conflict related to them:

  • I no longer care for my grandchildren, I can no longer care for them and they don’t trust me to care for them.
  • My daughter or son no longer allows me to see my grandchildren.
  • My daughter or son moved out and I don’t see my grandchildren anymore.
  • My grandchildren no longer visit me
  • My granddaughter or grandson is very sick
  • My granddaughter or grandson passed away
  • Something serious happened to my grandchild
  • Etc.

Apart from grandchildren’s issues

It could be said that in general, having endometrial problems for any woman has only two important variants:

  • This is an emotional issue related to “dirty” sexuality (abuse, rape, incest, etc.).
  • Emotional issues related to “family laws” that have been broken and can be anything from “my son is not heterosexual” and that is frowned upon by the family, to “I married a man of another race or religion, a musician, a hippie, a poor man (or anything said by the parents as derogatory)” and that is frowned upon by the family.

Maybe it’s something that has happened with one of my children and I as a woman worries about what the family will say, or that I as a woman am living as a daughter of a family, something that is not or will not be well seen.

I have not gotten pregnant and I am past 35, I have not married and I am past 40, I got pregnant without getting married, my boyfriend got me pregnant, I am in love with someone who is not accepted by the family, or anything else that is not “well seen” by my family.

Going back to the main conflict of the uterus which is “home”, we can add:

  • Family rules
  • Dirty sexual issues
  • Affairs with grandchildren, with children, with me as a mother, or with me as a daughter of the family.

Always related to home

Every diagnosis, symptom, or ailment in our uterus will always be related to home.

With its members, with what it should be, with what will be well or badly seen, with what happens with its members, with its problems or fears or sexual sufferings, with the house itself (the building), with the reproductive life, etc.

Neither should they be serious and shocking emotional conflicts, but if I, all my life, have dreamed of marrying my high school boyfriend and this boy leaves me for my neighbor, I can live the emotion of:

“He will form another -home-, another home, another family, with another woman who is not me” and that can damage my uterus if my expectations did not contemplate a plan B.

That is, I will damage my uterus for the simple fact of not having been more realistic with my dreams and illusions. I may develop uterine polyps or have heavy bleeding (because all the endometrium that I formed to accommodate my dreams will no longer be necessary).

Do you see how it works?

What if I got married and started having my children, happy because I have achieved my greatest dream of “forming a family”, I see my children happily growing up in a fabulous pink home, when suddenly my husband leaves me.

If I live it as “oh poor my children, the happy family is broken”, if I live it as “poor my children, the house that I should have given them or that I promised them did not work out”, I will surely damage my uterus.

When if I had the strength to face reality as it is, the ability to make my children see that we will get through this without problems, nothing would happen.

Another example

At home I live the death of my mother who was great support and companion for me, months later I see how my sister with whom I talk daily and who is my best friend moves to another country for work.

If all this I decide to live it as a victim, if I live it as a “my house is collapsing”, then I will damage my uterus.

There is more

I have based my whole life, my path and my tastes on idealizing a future life in which at 30 I will already be happily married with two or three children. In reality, I am now 38 and have no partner, do you realize the size of the in-utero frustration I am carrying around?

Because I am effectively 8 years late in “forming my home” and thanks to me, to my wrong plans, to my expectations, I can bring a uterus full of tumors or a huge one of 8 centimeters.

And like these, hundreds of other possible examples…

Without realizing it, we women place all our dreams and frustrations in the reproductive system and specifically in the uterus. And indeed, even the real estate, the house itself, can be a reason for damage to the uterus.

If my house is a dream, I have decorated it for years, it has cost me years of work and details and suddenly in a fire it burns completely, well, there goes my uterus, because without wanting it, I “assigned” to my house symbolic importance that should not be.

So, before any problem in the uterus and, whatever it is, let us first analyze our reality. Let us first analyze our reality, our expectations and our current situation at home and with the house. Frustrated sexuality or planned reproduction… because therein lies the key.

This article has been adapted and translated by InfoMistico.com / By Valarie Kaur

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