Phobias Biodescodification

Phobias Biodescodification,

We will be able to identify more easily the root cause and solve the problem when we realize that in this situation not only our own experiences count but also those of our “doubles”.

Phobias according to Biodescodification — Emotional Conflicts

Any of us could assume or think that, for example, if I am afraid of sea turtles it is because I have had a bad experience with one at some point. We will hit a wall if, despite our best efforts, we have never seen a sea turtle in person.

That is as far as we will go and we will continue to be terrified of sea turtles for the rest of our lives, but… If we look deeper, perhaps the outcome will be different, if we consider what may be at stake and begin to come up with theories.


Perhaps I am a double of my grandfather, a sailor, who in his youth had to deal with a sea turtle and may have nearly perished at sea as a result.

Maybe I am my mother’s twin and she and my father had a fierce argument while visiting a marine aquarium and she was carrying me in her arms.

Possibly I am a doppelganger of my great-aunt, who was afraid of sea turtles for unknown reasons before me.

So, these possibilities and illustrations can help us both “feel” and rationalize the root of our irrational and obsessive fear of it.

Origin of phobias

Therefore, phobias and allergies share many of their roots. If an element that we do not know has an emotional impact on us is present, our subconscious notices it, stores it and remembers it.

When this component enters our life for the second time, the brain sets off an alarm that says:

Stay away, run, leave or flee; there is a risk of injury and it can even cause us to experience symptoms related to our skin or respiratory system as part of that alert.

Symbolism of phobias

Symbolism is another crucial factor to consider in determining the root of a phobia.

If a white butterfly represents life, tranquility and peace to me, then I will never run the risk of one fluttering in front of me. How about one of those huge black butterflies that remain motionless on door or window frames?

The color black represents to my death, misfortune, danger, something dirty and bad luck… When one of those huge black butterflies appears in front of me, I will undoubtedly scream like crazy. And if it flaps its wings, I will get worse because I will be about to faint.

With all this, it is very clear that there are three ways to investigate the causes of phobias:

  1. A personal, emotionally disturbing encounter with ­“THAT” we fear.
  2. An emotionally disturbing personal experience provoked by a family member who shares “THAT” with us or by being in the same room as “THAT” that we fear.
  3. The symbolism that “THAT” has for us is the source of our phobia.

Consider, if you are afraid of mice and whether you have had any traumatic experiences with them. If a member of your family, who also happens to be your twin, ever had a surprising encounter with mice. Think about what a mouse means to you.

The mouse may be a cute, furry rodent that you might even keep as a pet, but to someone else, it may be a disgusting, hateful, death-deserving, dirty, biting, killing, etc. animal. Examine the source of that.

Phobia of heights

When you were a baby, did you fall off a ladder, slip out of the crib, escape the clutches of the nurse when you gave birth, or fall off a playground game as a child?

Last but not least, consider what heights might represent to you: success or fear of success.

Maybe your father never had time for you because he was so successful and heights represent “not having someone’s love”? Or, are you afraid of having more obligations and being in charge (at the top)?

So, whatever your PHOBIA is, you now know how to identify the root of it and then work to overcome it. If you take the time to reflect and figure out what’s going on, you can do it easily.

With information from Akasha Integral Healing

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