Biodescodification Sciatica

Biodescodification Sciatica,

Sciatica belongs to the third embryonic stage: movement and valuation. It is related to vertebrae L5 S1 = collaterals and the sacred. They are the 6 sacred instants: conception, birth, adulthood, parenthood, being, grandparents and death. Also involved are the L4 and L5 vertebrae = norms, rules and collaterals.

Biodescodification Sciatica – Emotional conflicts

Sciatica conflict

Fear of moving forward in the new direction life is taking me. Surrender to a particular person or situation.

Resentment of sciatica

If it is the right leg:

  • “I am afraid of not having money, of not being able to provide for my economic needs,” (my need) and acting against it.

If it is the left leg:

  • “I can’t give everything to the people I love”. The needs of those I love and those I want are in conflict.

Sciatica and its pain represent fear of the future and lack of material possessions, insecurity about the future. Anger, repressed aggression, rejection of something or someone. The sciatic nerve is often associated with great insecurity about my basic needs: housing, food and money.

Louis L. Hay and the pain of sciatica

  • The most likely causes: are hypocrisy, fear of the future and not having.
  • New patterns of thinking: I aim to do my best. My good is everywhere; I am safe.

Sciatica physical block

Sciatica is a condition of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the body. The onset of sciatica is usually severe and manifests as very intense pain.

Sciatica emotional blockage

People with sciatica pain feel insecure about their future or live in unconscious fear of lack of money and material goods.

I speak unconsciously because I can observe that this problem often occurs in possessive people, moreover, it will be very difficult for them to lose what they have. This problem is mostly at the level of “having it all”.

The person is unconscious because he does not think that he is attached to material possessions. He will feel guilty because he has learned that it is neither right nor spiritual to love earthly possessions. This guilt prevents him from moving forward, facing life and taking more risks, making his life too monotonous.

Sciatica also denotes resentment, repressed aggression and disobedience to an idea or a person, always in the material realm.

Sciatica mental block

The body is sending an important message because the pain you feel is a sign of the damage you are doing to it by the way you think.

Why do you want to punish yourself? Your level of pain will indicate the level of punishment you feel you deserve. You must realize that you are attached to material possessions; then you must give yourself the right to be yourself.

Dare to admit that you fear losing them. If risking more is really off limits to you because you are too afraid of losing your assets, accept it now and decide to act as soon as possible.

You also need to stop assuming that it is wrong to desire earthly riches. The day you have enough confidence in your ability to produce the things you need, you will no longer be afraid of losing your possessions and you can continue to want them, but without being tied to them.

Regarding resentment, I recommend going through the stages of forgiveness mentioned above. Forgiveness will make you more flexible and attuned to the ideas and ways of life of others. You will free yourself from the impression you have of others.

Chromotherapy for sciatic pain

  • Healing color: indigo blue.

This extremely painful condition begins in the hip and spreads down the leg, sometimes reaching the ankle. It is caused by compression and inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Heat, rest and chromotherapy are recommended.

Sciatica pain treatment

In this case, try massaging the first part of the heel bone, which corresponds to the sciatic nerve and continue along the entire edge of the foot, i.e. the spine, until you feel the pain subside in the affected areas. Where you feel pain, put pressure on the diseased nerve endings.

With information from Monsalud Luque