New Moon Angels Month of Elul

New Moon Angels Month of Elul,

Each month is represented by a zodiac sign and a planet, both created by a Hebrew letter. The Book of Formation explains that by meditating daily on specific Hebrew letters for each month, we can plant the seeds we want to attract into our lives this month of Elul (Virgo).

Advice Angels for the New Moon of Elul

Elul is the sixth month from Nisan, the first month, as it is written, “This month is the first of all the months of the year”, referring to Nisan. According to the method of counting years, which we start from the month of Tishrei, Elul is the last month of the year.

The sign of this month is Betulah. As it is written, “Return me to Betulot of Israel, return to the city” (Yirmiyahu 31). This month is to repent and return to the way of Hashem. The beginning of the month (Rosh Chodesh) is two days, the last day of Av (30th of Av) and the first day of Elul.

Sefer Yetzirah

Sefer Yetzira (The Book of Formation) written by Abraham the Patriarch 3800 years ago, says that the Hebrew letters are the DNA of the universe.

It is a physical representation of the energetic forces that have created everything from planets to galaxies. Join them, print them out, stick them on the wall, carry them with you at all times and do whatever it takes to make them part of your day. Have a blessed month of Elul.

Hebrew letters for the month of Elul

New Moon Angels Month of Elul,

The energy of the Angels for the month of Elul

Angel Vasariah (32) ruling by domicile from 5º to 10º of Virgo

Memories of the past.

When we make a big mistake in life and end up paying dearly for it, we promise not to make it again. We have learned our lesson, we tell ourselves. But with time, the pain caused by the mistakes fades away and we forget the high price we had to pay.

The opportunity to make the same mistake will inevitably come back to us, this time in a slightly different form, or through a different circumstance, or a different person.

But the underlying problem is the same. We have to face this mistake over and over again until we make the lesson part of us and eliminate the negative traits that initially brought us down. Each time we make the same mistake, our pain and ego increase.

Remember – Do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Angel Mebahel (14) rules by rotation from 5° to 6° Virgo

Farewell to weapons.

Solutions to peace are never political, philosophical, or military. Violence, even justifiable, is only fighting darkness with more darkness.

Solutions must be found in the spiritual light and the human soul. Conflicts and wars between nations start from friction between individuals.

A country at war is the result of spiritual darkness born of hostility and intolerance among the individuals who compose it. While brothers and friends can find reasons for conflict, nations can invent excuses to start bloody battles. We have been deceived into believing that our actions against others do not affect the rest of the world.

The interaction between two people not only contributes to the state of the world, but each interaction completely transforms it. But it is difficult to discover this global operation because the actions of others are also transforming the planet all the time. The state of the world is just the sum of the interactions between people.

When enough people strive to find the good in each other, people will suddenly and miraculously discover ways to achieve lasting harmony. This is the long-hidden recipe for world peace. It begins first with us.

Peace appears when we offer unconditional tolerance to our family, friends and neighbors. Know, in full faith, that our efforts are changing the entire world right now.

Remember: do not support the arms trade. War is the influence of spiritual darkness.

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