Sun in Leo meaning

Sun in Leo meaning,

This Friday, July 22, the Sun enters the sign of Leo, its own house, where its energy will be in all its fullness and there it will remain until August 22; we will therefore have a solar month that will radiate its brightness in the area of our life where we have the sign of the lion.

Sun in Leo – A month we all can shine

This is a propitious cycle to develop self-love and self-esteem and assume leadership positions; there will be a fullness in the environment that will allow us to develop our creative talents.

Is the month in which the Sun rules and we can connect with its energy and shine in some areas of our life.

The Sun is the center of our solar system and its effect on us brings out our ability to be organizers.

Represents our consciousness, the knowledge that we exist and therefore, when Leo dominates the environment, it is an ideal time to reaffirm ourselves as beings with consciousness, with the ability to transform the world that surrounds us.

Influence of the Leo sign

When we talk about the influence of Leo, we are not referring only to those who were born under this sign, because we all have a part of the 12 zodiacal stripes in our respective astrological maps, so that in each of us there is a point where we are Leo.

Moreover, we all harbor the Sun somewhere in our astrological chart and from that point, it emanates its energies to our personality.

Let us now determine where each of the zodiac signs has that part of Leo.

  • Aries has it in the fifth house, which is the sector of creativity, love and children.
  • Taurus, in the fourth house, refers to the home, parents and in general its roots, its hereditary burden.
  • Gemini has its “leonine” part in the third house, which has to do with siblings, communications and studies.
  • While Cancer has it in the second house, which is its way of producing money and its scale of value.
  • Leo, of course, has the same sign in the first house, which is his personality.
  • Virgo has Leo in the 12th house, which is his subconscious world, his capacity for visualization and his faith.
  • Libra has him in the 11th house, which is his guide and advisor and how he guides and advises others.
  • Scorpio in the 10th house, the sector of the profession and public projection.
  • Sagittarius has Leo in its ninth house, the house of foreign travel, ideals, higher studies and spiritual life.
  • Capricorn has it in the eighth house: transformations, esotericism, sexuality and management of financial resources.
  • Aquarius has it in the seventh house, the house of the couple, associations and friendships.
  • Pisces is in its sixth sector, which is teamwork and public service.

Leo is the round of the zodiac that is ruled by the Sun

The king star, rector of our solar system, hence the analogy is directed to consider the Leo as leaders, as beings who like to be the center of attention and with qualities to stand out and shine in the activities they perform.

Leo is a born dominator, in their leadership, there is feeling and understanding; those of this sign were born to be served and that is why they usually demand service and attention without apparent effort because it is easier for them to give orders than to receive them.

Leo is very proud

Leo’s pride is easily wounded and he resents any affront to his dignity; however, compassion can sometimes make him forget his pride and he is capable of surprising acts of kindness and consideration.

A Leo only really feels good if he is surrounded by beautiful and luxurious surroundings and in the company of refined and well-to-do people, yet he always appreciates someone who has something interesting to say.

They are happy to exchange opinions with original thinkers and find it difficult to tolerate a sordid and uncultured environment; Leo thrives on flattery and pride is the mainstay of their soul; to do their job better they must receive approval and acceptance.

Leo possesses a strong dramatic sense

This quality is so much within him that he is often unaware of it; in this case, he will unconsciously play a role, for he can always cover up his shortcomings by performing in front of an audience. Leo has great personal magnetism and, rarely, he is not surrounded by friends and admirers.

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