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The fury of ERIS

Luna Llena en Aries / Full Moon in Aries

Because of its elliptical orbit, Eris passes through Aries in about 120 years, although the table below this sentence shows how many years it passes in each sign. Leo will show that it passes in less than 20 years.


Asteroids: Exploring Feminism in Astrology

Asteroides: Explorando el Feminismo en Astrología / Asteroids and female archetypes

The exciting universe of the asteroids Ceres, Juno, Vesta and Pallas and how these stars reveal fascinating aspects of feminism in astrology. From motherhood to sexuality, professionalism and the search for equality, these cosmic entities provide valuable vocabulary that enriches the understanding of femininity.


Financial Astrology: Can Stars Guide the Stock Market?

Financial Astrology / Astrología Financiera

The market and the universe dialogue in a dance of investments and constellations. Find out how. At the crossroads of science, art, and economics, a surprising trend emerges in financial astrology. With its roots in ancient divination practices and horoscopes, this field has evolved to adopt advanced mathematical tools, taking investing to a cosmic level never seen before