Greek Mythology

Embark on a journey to the captivating realm of Greek mythology, where mighty gods, courageous heroes, and mythical creatures intertwine in timeless tales. Unravel the origins of the cosmos, witness the reflection of human passions in the Olympians, and uncover the lessons hidden within each heroic feat. A voyage to the heart of Western culture, where ancient wisdom whispers through the ages.

Androgynous Greek Mythology

Mito de los Andróginos / Myth of the Androgynous

Androgynous legend offers a detailed analysis of love. This legend originates from Aristophanes’ monologue in Plato’s The Banquet. It aims to examine love from the most spiritual and natural angle, as well as the reasons why people are constantly searching for their soul mate.

Greek Mythology

Our Emerging World and Sedna


Inuit sea goddess Sedna is also referred to as the mother or mistress of the sea and the goddess of the underworld. Although there are other versions of her story, the essential gist is that when she reaches marriageable age, she rejects every proposal and chooses to stay in the comfort of her parents’ house.



Persefone / Persephone

We are bipolar, like Persephone and we love to oscillate between the two poles until we reach the neutral point, the point of balance, or the point of emptiness, where we experience peace and tranquility.

Greek Mythology