Greek Mythology

In the depths of Olympus, where gods toy with mortal fates, Greek mythology weaves its tapestry of heroes and monsters. Here, valor intertwines with tragedy, and eternal love defies time itself.

Androgynous Greek Mythology

Mito de los Andróginos / Myth of the Androgynous

Androgynous legend offers a detailed analysis of love. This legend originates from Aristophanes’ monologue in Plato’s The Banquet. It aims to examine love from the most spiritual and natural angle, as well as the reasons why people are constantly searching for their soul mate.

Greek Mythology


Persefone / Persephone

We are bipolar, like Persephone and we love to oscillate between the two poles until we reach the neutral point, the point of balance, or the point of emptiness, where we experience peace and tranquility.

Greek Mythology