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Moiras from Greek Mythology

According to Homer, the moiras also called Parcas by the Latins, are the individual and inescapable destinies of every human being. Zeus known as Jupiter, had a relationship with Themis a goddess of the line of the Titans and daughter of Uranus and Gaea.

Mito de los Andróginos / Myth of the Androgynous

Androgynous Greek Mythology

Androgynous legend offers a detailed analysis of love. This legend originates from Aristophanes’ monologue in Plato’s The Banquet. It aims to examine love from the most spiritual and natural angle, as well as the reasons why people are constantly searching for their soul mate.

Persefone / Persephone


We are bipolar, like Persephone and we love to oscillate between the two poles until we reach the neutral point, the point of balance, or the point of emptiness, where we experience peace and tranquility.


Mysteries of Eleusis and the cult of Demeter

The mysteries of Eleusis and the cult of Demeter are one of the most interesting and mysterious aspects of ancient Greek religion and culture. For centuries, these secret ceremonies at Eleusis attracted people from all over Greece seeking a deeper connection with the gods and the afterlife.

Quirón / Chiron

Chiron: The Wisdom and Healing of the Centaur

Chiron was the disciple of Apollo who inspired Achilles and Aeneas on their path to spiritual healing. Through his own experience of pain and suffering, he gained wisdom and knowledge that allowed him to heal his own wounds and those of others. Even Zeus honored Chiron’s sacrifice, creating the constellation of Sagittarius in his honor.

Mito de Helios y Faetón / Myth of Helios and Phaethon

The Myth of Helios and Phaeton

Greek myths, rich in symbolism and wisdom, often harbor deeper truths. Phaeton’s audacious act of trying to steer his father Helios’ solar chariot is more than just a tale. It could be a clue about past cosmic events. Dive into this captivating intersection of mythology and astronomy.

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