Spiritual Enlightenment and Decline in Atlantis

Spiritual Enlightenment and Decline in Atlantis, InfoMistico.com

The Wonders and Landscape of Atlantis

Spanning 26,000 years in the heart of the Atlantic, Atlantis was an archipelago composed of a main island surrounded by nine others. Its capital, originally named Eden and later renamed Poseidon, sat along an expansive southern coastline.

The landscape of Atlantis was unparalleled in its beauty. The grand Merú Mountains encircled and protected the central island, with the two towering volcanoes, Atlas and Gadeiros, revered as the guardians of Atlantis.

Waterfalls, rivers, lakes and mountains framed the city, crafting a natural barrier. The biodiversity was breathtaking; a diverse array of flora and fauna added vibrancy to this paradisiacal location.

Before its downfall, Atlantis was a beacon of progress in fields such as science, spirituality, politics, culture and education, all harmoniously coexisting.

Capital Design: Eden

The capital’s design was an architectural marvel. It comprised three land extensions, divided by concentric water canals. These canals, flowing in four directions, would change hues to reflect the respective season and converged at the island’s heart.

At the center stood a small islet, known as “El Maqom Ehah”, where sacred temples and sources of wisdom were erected. An obelisk and three pyramids, symbolic of the Sirius stars, served as reminders of Atlantis’s celestial connection and the Milky Way’s central axis.

Divine Communication: The Melchizedek Hierarchy

Eden was not just a hub of political and cultural influence but also a spiritual portal. From there, spiritual leaders connected directly with the “Great Divine Hierarchy of Melchizedek”, esteemed beings residing within our galaxy’s three central stars.

Symbols of Perfection: Rivers, Archangels and the Maltese Cross

From the island’s heart flowed four rivers, each heading towards a cardinal direction and symbolizing the four seasons.

Guarded and overseen by four archangels and their angelic legions, these rivers represented the four elements and their respective dominions, coming together to form the Maltese Cross – a symbol of equilibrium and perfection.

The Connecting Point: The Eye of Horus

In every celestial city or paradise crafted in the universe, there’s always a pivotal central point acting as a portal to other realms. In Eden, this was known as the “Eye of Horus,” a multidimensional gateway.

Era Shift: From Pisces to Aquarius

We find ourselves in a transitional phase, with our Solar System moving from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. This shift is ushering in a spiritual awakening, illuminated by the light of Sirius.

The Legend of the 144,000 Mission

When dark forces threatened Atlantis, star beings from distant constellations such as Sirius, Orion, the Pleiades and Arcturus dispatched a mission of 144,000 to our planet. Their mandate was to assist in Atlantis’s rebuilding and sustain the unique divine energy on Earth.

Each being embodied divine attributes, infusing and preserving superior energies and virtues on Earth, reminding us of our divine connection and guiding our spiritual evolution…