Human Bioenergy

Human Bioenergy,

In the 1970s, Valerie V. Hunt, a scientist at the University of California (UCLA), who is currently Professor Emeritus of Physiological Sciences at UCLA, began to develop mechanisms to investigate what she calls the human bioenergy field, being the first to scientifically study the relationship between alterations in these energy fields and emotional disorders and pathologies.

Ph.D. Valerie Hunt – What is human bioenergy?

82 years ago as the U.S. was entering World War I, an 8-year-old girl from an Indiana farm suffered two near-death experiences in quick succession, the trauma causing her to remain in an altered state of consciousness for six months.

She was unable to feed herself without assistance, her family had given up hope that she would live.

However, when her consciousness returned to earth, she regained her health. As time went by, she began to read university texts and became a scholar in her field, teaching at the universities of Columbia and Iowa and since 1947 at the University of California, where she is now professor emeritus of the Department of Physiological Sciences.

Valerie Hunt, Ph.D.

With a forty-year career, Dr. Valerie Hunt has become the world’s leading scientific authority on a phenomenon that has been talked about for many centuries, but never scientifically measured: the human aura.

In the late 1960s, Dr. Hunt began measuring people’s aura, she calls it human bioenergy and found that it contains information related to a person’s physiological, emotional and conscious level conditions and illnesses.

Her “discovery” that the aura exists and that it contains important information made her own beliefs crumble, especially when she discovered that the aura can help one understand one of the most controversial and loaded ideas in today’s mystical vocabulary, past lives.

Many of the calls are from doctors who are aware that despite chemical analysis and treatments to cure disease, they do not know everything.

He has written several books, among them Mind mastery meditations, infinite Mind: The science of human vibrations, Naibu, a spiritual universe, etc. Hunt spoke with Don Wood of Magical Blend magazine in his Southern California office.

The bioenergy

Is created when the electrical energy of the atoms of the body communicates with that of the outside world, affecting each other.

The key is in that transaction, for example, if we put people in a room and remove the electromagnetic energy the energy of the body goes crazy and great emotional disturbances occur.

Individual organs have fields but the organ records are in the low, magnetic portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, not the high part, which is electrical.

The highest frequency ever recorded for an organ is 150 cycles per second (cps).

Human Bioenergetic Field

The human bioenergetic field starts at approximately 400 cps and goes up to one million.

Is bioenergy the same as aura?

Yes, it is the same thing. However, I don’t call it that because there have been so many exaggerations and lies about the aura, so much confusion… but it exists.

What is the practical application of knowing that the aura exists?

Bioenergy encompasses the whole human being: health, emotions, learning, creativity, you name it. It is the field from which all information has to come first before it reaches the senses.

Fifty or a hundred years from now, the basis of all education will be through that field and not only through the intellect and the senses.

Bioenergy is the frontier of human health. When there are disturbances in this field, sooner or later they will manifest in the human body, but the fields vary in terms of strength. In the field of a smoker, for example, the stronger the field, the more it will be able to withstand the toxic effects of smoking.

Bioenergy helps to regenerate limbs, I have seen it myself. Because even when a limb may not be there anymore, the energy pattern of the field remains for a while.

This is the phenomenon of the so-called “phantom limb”. If the energy field is still there and one feels it, within the energy pattern one will have tissues that will grow back.

Some doctors now say that we will even be able to regrow the heart so that we will not need transplants, although we are not there yet.

What are the differences in bioenergy between one person and another?

In some, it reached 100,000 cycles per second, which is the highest it can reach. Others go up to 250,000 cps and even higher, but I would need better instruments to measure them. Some people have a full range of frequencies and can use whatever scale they need. That’s called health.

If they do something physical, they will have more low frequencies. If they do something intellectual, they will have more frequencies from the middle part of the scale. If they do something mystical and spiritual, they will have more of the higher frequencies. But they are not locked into any of them.

You get into trouble when you get locked into a particular frequency and amplitude scale.

You started your career as a traditional neurophysiologist. How did it feel to start exploring bioenergy and see it change your worldview?

I was a mystic as a child, but I blocked it out, simply because it was too difficult. The world was not ready for my intuition and my insíghts, as well as the fact that I dared to see other things.

As a neurophysiologist, I had been trained with standard procedures and I knew everything there was to know about the brain and muscles.

We thought we knew everything. Then I met an aura healer who helped me bring a polio-stricken muscle back to life, something that, at the time I thought was impossible; this was about thirty years ago.

I had shocked when rolfing came along and witnessed changes in performance that I could not describe physiologically.

Then I studied dancers who went into trance and I discovered something I had never seen before: an energy field.

It was at the first acupuncture conference at Stanford University when, for the first time, I realized that it was probably that energy field that I was exploring. Intellectually, I went through a great inner struggle to be able to say that while physiology and neurology are very important, they are not the answer.

What did they tell you at the University of California about this?

They called me and asked me: What do you do in your laboratory? I answered: I work at the frontier of human knowledge and I want you to protect me. And they did, always.

What is the future of bioenergy and how can science continue to develop its discovery?

We need to do three things. First, establish a data bank of the energy field of people as they grow up, from infancy to adulthood.

Second, we must make an inventory of the energy fields of diseases – that is, we have to study what happens to the field when people are treated by laying on hands, tai chi, electric instruments, etc.

Third, we have to study the fields of the person involved in the treatment.

After all that, finally, we will be able to do what medicine could never do, which is to say: Here is the best treatment and the best medical care for this person with this disease, based on all the energies involved.

It will be highly specific and there is nothing in medicine today that goes that far.

The prayer with the bioenergetic field

A paper by Dr. Larry Dossey states that the use of prayer as medicine is very promising. How does prayer relate to the bioenergetic field?

Prayer causes the person’s sick body to enter into higher vibrational levels so that their field becomes more powerful and coherent.

If you identify precisely where the prayer energy is going and that person’s field is receptive to this kind of energy, at some level you will have instant healing.

One person’s prayer is not at all comparable to that of an entire church, or to that of group therapy. When you have a whole church praying, you will have higher frequencies and a greater amplitude. It is the same difference that exists between a small windstorm and a big hurricane.

All the information is in the field. The mind can decode it just as a television decodes audiovisual signals. The mind is the greatest decoder in the world if we let it decode and not get confused by our emotional garbage.

The most important thing we are discovering about the origin of anti-coherence in the fields is that it is related to emotions. Emotions organize the field, so destructive and dissociative emotions will organize it destructively.

The field is information

Isn’t this a very big leap, coming from the more scientific work you do?

No, it is not. What I am saying is that when a person’s fields are coherent and their spectrum is complete, they can understand information that does not come from the senses.

The information comes from the field and the field is information. It is a higher sense than the brain. And if a person reaches that stage firmly, he can do exactly what I do.

What is the main message of your book Mind Mastery Meditations?

Most meditation books are there to make life a little easier, or to free us from pain. This book is not. This book says: If you own your mind, you can change things and reach your highest potential. It teaches this step by step.

Do societies, or certain periods of human history, also have their characteristic fields?

Yes, the fields have to do with the way people in certain cultures handle their emotions. In our culture, most of the fields are very repressed, because we are not very free emotionally.

Some cultures flow with their environment much better than ours, like the Eastern or South Pacific cultures, they don’t achieve what we achieve because they don’t have the full spectrum, but they do have higher vibrations and we need that.

Although the aggressiveness of industrialized cultures is important, we have exaggerated it and taken it too far. But we are changing. I can see it when I test people’s fields because now it takes fewer people to create a full spectrum. I think we are living a great moment.

This article has been adapted and translated by / Source: Valerie V. Hunt Website

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