Spiritual Enlightenment and Decline in Atlantis

Spiritual Enlightenment and Decline in Atlantis, InfoMistico.com

The Elohim and the Foundations of the Cosmos

In an era long past, it was believed that through meditating on vividly colored mandalas and chanting in specific tones, one could summon the “Elohim” – celestial beings regarded as the architects of the cosmos. These chants were essentially Hebrew letters, viewed as a bridge to these superior entities.

However, tranquility and harmony were not always constants. As this daily ritual unfolded, a vibrational shift began to appear, disrupting the equilibrium previously set by the decadent practices of the Cainite hordes.

But, as is often the case when the forces of good surge forward, those of evil resist. Champions of light were assailed with a vigor that plunged them into a deep slumber, heralding the fall of that resplendent Eden.

The Intrigue of the 144,000

Francisco Arturo Mejías, in his book “The Mission: The Grand Conspiracy of the 144,000,” delves into the events that defined this luminous civilization.

He details how the Maldekites, with malicious intent, nearly eradicated the wisdom of that era, leaving only traces in the “Grand Archive of Existential Memory,” awaiting rediscovery when the time was right.

Another tale, “The Crusade of the Living God,” portrays the mission of “The Elohim Round,” undertaken by 144,000 star beings. Regrettably, they lacked the training and strength to fend off the shadow entities that obstructed their path.

Today, there’s talk of these 144,000 souls awakening daily, bearing the hope of rebuilding and uncovering what was once Atlantis. Through rituals and chants, they aim not only to remember but to once again manifest the Eden ingrained in their memories and hearts.

Manifesting Earthly Paradise

This spiritual journey’s intent transcends mere individual connection with the divine. It’s a collective endeavor to radiate that divinity into our world, bridging our dimension with the one where Eden still thrives under the watchful eyes of divine beings. The goal is to bring “Heaven to Earth” once more.

The union of these 144,000 souls might just be the catalyst to stave off future disasters. Through their collective endeavor, they aim to uplift humanity’s consciousness to a higher plane, freeing it from the lethargy and chains binding it for eons.

The Sacred Circle of the Elohim

To embark on the journey through the “Sacred Circle of the Elohim,” one must first establish the “Inner Sanctuary.” Picture a luminous sphere, holding within it the blueprint of “Eden” in its purest form, radiating towards the “Four Directions” that represent the “Four Kingdoms and their Celestial Guardians.”

Nestled within our “Luminous Sanctuary,” we are assured that shadowy forces won’t thwart our pursuit, reiterating the tragedy of times long forgotten.

It’s crucial to emphasize, before entering this “Circle,” the significance of preparing oneself, ensuring that the “collective subconscious” cannot intervene, dragging us into the abyss of ancestral fears. We must be acutely aware of this.

The Pilgrimage of the Divine Being

In 1995, Francisco Arturo Mejías encapsulated his visionary approach in his book “The Pilgrimage of the Divine Being.” Within its pages, he chronicles how Celestial Beings disclosed the urgency of embarking on a spiritual path that would elevate the planet’s vibrational frequency and catalyze profound transformation, liberating it from the intricate webs of darkness that had overshadowed it until then.

With the momentum of this revelation, a group of seekers, guided by this vision, began to ardently practice this noble purpose daily. At the outset, they remained largely oblivious to the magnitude and scope of such a monumental task.