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Sedna: The Goddess of Our Time

Sedna trined the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in December 2020 before establishing her presence more fully at the apex of a T square to the Sun and Moon at the Blue Moon in August 2021 and conjunct the Moon and north node at the lunar eclipse in November and December 2021.

She is currently straddling the penultimate and final degrees of Taurus and will enter Gemini in June 2023. Sedna has been in Taurus since 1965/6, a period in which unbridled materialism has engulfed our planet at the price of deeper progress toward wisdom and purity.

The material world of ‘things’ has become our anchor, our safety net. The world of money, fashion, the latest smartphone and the latest game, to which many cling for dear life, seeking purpose in a soulless world, is Sedna’s father’s boat. We have the opportunity to bring about the closure at the final degree of a sign.

To gather all of the learning available in a circumstance and bring them to a conclusion that leaves us better for the experience.

As Sedna moves into the final degrees of Taurus, the evil underbelly of materialism is exposed for all to see, as the billionaire elite manipulates the strings of the entire world, plunging an increasing number of people into poverty while becoming ever richer.

However, Sedna warns of an impending shift: an opportunity to solidify ambitious new beginnings when Saturn conjuncts Neptune in the first degree of the zodiac (0o Aries) in February 2026.

This conjunction between Saturn (planet of form, duty, responsibility, oppression and self-discipline) and Neptune (planet of disintegration, unification, spirituality, compassion and deception) occurs once every 35-36 years and foretells the materialization of public ideas and aspirations (Neptune) (Saturn).

For example, the last conjunction saw the fall of the Berlin Wall. Its vitality enables people to embody the improvements they have worked hard to bring about in past years. It heralds a surge of energy that will not be dampened or deflected by an elite power base weakened by its exposure.

This conjunction has historically been associated with revolt and rebellion, some more effective and liberating than others. However, with this upcoming conjunction occurring in the very first degree of the zodiac, we may witness the unfolding of new potential beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

Not only because the first degree of the zodiac is the fundamental place of a fresh new start, free of familiar hindrances, but also because a few months after this conjunction, in July 2026, Uranus in Gemini and Pluto in Aquarius form a two-year trine (we’ll get a hint of it in August / September 2025 as well).

Consider this: Uranus (freedom and inventiveness) in Aquarius is in a dynamic and flowing aspect to Pluto (deep transformation) (the sign of humanity and equality).

This is not the challenging disruption of the Uranus/Pluto square of 2012-2015 (though it will advance the agenda of liberating transformation unfurled then), but rather creative and innovative energy supportive of all who commit to the manifestation of our new world, which many are already birthing into being. No more tyranny from on high! There will be no more might makes right.

Truth and freedom, personal responsibility and community intelligence will be the foundations of this world. We are already sowing its seeds with every statement of our sovereign right to be free.

But how does this relate to Sedna?

The Sabian Symbol for the first degree of the zodiac is a woman emerging from the water and being welcomed by a seal.

This is a common representation of the mythical Sedna, the Inuit sea goddess. Carvings are depicting her with a seal or as part human, part seal. Indeed, within a week of Sedna’s discovery, the largest seal hunt in fifty years took place, as Melanie Reinhart wrote.

Sedna’s mythology revolves around the seal and as such, she is inextricably related to the first degree of the zodiac.

In this image, however, we see a risen Sedna, ascending from the frigid depths in an act of finally deciding to free herself – and the dead souls she has previously bound – from the bitter, stagnant past and breathe the fresh, revitalizing air of life above the seas.

But how long will she stay there until the past drags her back down?

We don’t know if or when this will occur. The seal, according to the famous astrologer Dane Rudhyar, is a regressive mammal that once came from the sea to dwell on land before returning to its aquatic domains.

This reflects the possibility of relapse even as we seek to let go of the past and embrace fresh life. Every fresh beginning involves the possibility of resignation and failure. As a result, nothing is set in stone.

I’m not claiming that by February 2026, everything will be OK and humanity will have miraculously emerged from this period of darkness, manipulation, falsehoods and oppression.

I’m also not arguing that we have to wait till then for anything wonderful to happen (in fact, people all around the world are making positive things happen all the time!).

This is what I mean: the current age’s developmental arc sweeps towards February 2026, when Saturn and Neptune are conjunct in the first degree of Aries – Sedna’s degree.

As a result, this arc focuses on the difficulties raised by Sedna. It begs us to go within, to explore our frozen deep into which we have thrown anguish, trauma and betrayal and to demand that something outside of ourselves liberate us from pain perpetrated by another.

To do so, we must consider the complexity of forgiveness and its subordination to an unwavering identification with victimhood on one end of the spectrum and a persistent reluctance to recognize one’s woundedness and anguish on the other.

Never give up your power!

But, perhaps most crucially, this developmental arc toward Sedna’s degree invites us to consider the various ways in which we give our power away to others, as well as how we respond when those to whom we have given our power betray us.

Since our world was openly hijacked in 2020, humanity has been Sedna: hanging to the side of the boat while the world’s ‘experts,’ the political elite, billionaires, multinational companies and financial institutions, cut our fingers one by one.

It is up to each of us to assess how we responded while this occurred; to consider how far we sacrificed our freedom for manufactured safety,’ or our independent thinking for herd acceptance.

Remember, what appears to be power may turn out to be anything but!

Sedna expects a lot from the shaman. She will not give up the marine animals for food until she has been sufficiently appeased and even then only for a little time. On one level, this appears to give her control, but on another, it makes her vulnerable, since what if the shaman refuses to bend to her will?

What if his people grow tired of being held hostage and find another means to feed themselves? So, how will Sedna find solace and healing?

As a result, Sedna reveals areas where we believe we are in control when, in fact, we have painted ourselves into a corner by reliance on another. Relationship dynamics are complicated in Sedna’s world, as they are in ours…

Sedna struggled for her life after being tossed over the side of the boat by her father, only to witness the ultimate betrayal as he hacked off her fingers to save himself. It appeared and felt like the end, but it eventually gave birth to fresh life.

Perhaps we could all benefit from thinking about that right now!

What appears to be the end isn’t. It may also be the birth of a completely new approach, which is impossible to comprehend from this vantage point. Who knew Sedna’s amputated fingers would be used as food? Not her!

And certainly, not her father, who was just concerned with his survival. The loss of hope and protection, as well as devotion and affection, became the source of Sedna’s power. A new beginning after the anguish of inconceivable treachery.

As the relentless march of transnational transformation continues, so does the emergence of a new world and a new way, its nascent promises gleaming in the darkness. Will it come into existence? Time will only tell.

And only we can make it happen. But, as the Saturn/Neptune conjunction in February 2026 approaches, we may all choose to reclaim control of our future and ensure it goes our way!

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